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Rage of the Phoenix

The first book from me in a new series, Rage MC. A series about an MC and the women who cross their path, usually leading them to a merry dance before settling down. Although in a couple of cases the men don't exactly get the peaceful HEA they expect! Why have peace when you can have excitement?!

I got a little fed up with women being treated like dirt and then forgiving their alpha male. So I decided with this series to turn it around and make them pay a little before they got forgiveness. In some cases the alpha's have to pay a high price!

I've tried to inject some humour in the books. But as i'm constantly reminded I've a rather whacked sense of humour so i do hope that the readers understand it! Love should be funny and messy, it should be about loyalty and trust. It should be about forgiveness and moving on.

I've also covered real life issues in the books. Some of these issues we like to skirt around, they're untouchable for polite society. I don't like to cover things up, I think these issues should be addressed! My writing, hopefully tackles these issues with sensitivity!

Drop me a line and let me know what you think of Rage of the Phoenix!

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I loved this book, it's a great read and I found it so interesting, especially the charities.

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