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An Interview with Chance Michaelson.

Hey Chance, thanks for sitting down and talking with us. All the ladies out there are drooling to get a chance (no pun intended!) to put you in the hotspot!

Woman, I didn't have much choice when you grabbed my Clio and told her about your idea. I don't wanna be centre of attention, although I don't like letting ladies down!

Well, thanks Chance anyway! Let's start with an easy one. Is Chance your name or a moniker?


Chance is my name; Dad christened me with a biker’s name as he knew I'd be a stubborn f**ker when it came to taking a club name. 

Did you ever think you wouldn't get President?

You do know who you're talking to, right woman? Of course, I knew I'd get Prez. Guessed blood would be spilt, and heads would roll, but that club is my blood. My dad poured his life into it, and I weren't letting Zeus have my father's dream. Took Hellfire back out of that a**holes hands and swore no one would ever take it back from me.

Was it hard getting Rage clean as well, Chance?

Yeah, because Drake had to stand on his own two feet. I supported him. He's blood, but Drake had to clean his own club. Hellfire showed the way, and we helped sometimes, but it was Drake and those loved up f**kers who got their club clean, Elizabeth. We just gave them a poke every now and then.

Can you tell us if you ever had feelings for Phoenix?

What do ya mean? Of course, I got feelings for Phoe. Woman's hard not to love, she's an angel, and she's our soul. Phoe came along when Hellfire needed hope; getting clean was great, but we'd no future. We were staring at long dark days and nights. None of us bar Big Al had a woman, but Phoe gave us her heart and soul. Yeah, I guessed Micah wanted more for his mum and me, but I'd have destroyed Phoe. Drake is precisely what she needed, and Clio is what I need, and I ain't looking to change that!

Oh hell no, you and Clio got a long, good life ahead of you, Chance!

Better be Elizabeth, or one day you'll find me standing behind you and I ain't gonna be happy!

Does Hellfire or Clio come first?

Clio. If I lost her, I'd lose my head. That means the club would suffer because my heart wouldn't be in it anymore. We need Clio; she's perfect as Head Old Lady, and Tati adores her. All my brothers love her, even Bear, when he had his pissy fit! Bleedin' fool. 

Jacqui wants to know why did Phoe become a sister?

Hello gorgeous, Phoe became a sister for a couple of reasons. When we found her standing on that road, something reached out and grabbed my heart. I knew then Phoe would have a massive influence on Hellfire. She stood by us when people called us dirt and cops tried to fit us up. Phoe wriggled her way into our hearts and club and didn't bat an eyelash while doing so. Woman is special, special in a way that can't be faked or replicated. Phoe wanted to ride with us and then began helping out at Hellfire, finding us legal representation when we needed it, she acted as a brother, and we took a vote. She's the first, and probably only sister Hellfire will ever have.

Jacqui asked if Hellfire aspires to be as family orientated as Rage?

Who do you think taught Drake those values? Me! Yeah, I want a mess of kids running around and falling over their crap in the clubhouse. I want screaming babies and mucky fingers. We all do. Somehow Drake got the jump on us. Watch this space Jacqui, because when my brothers claim a woman, she's spending the next ten years spitting out babies! 

Jacqui asked who comes first, Hellfire or Rage?

That can be taken two ways. Hellfire's my club, so it always comes first. Rage is a brother club, so it comes before our other associates. If you mean which was created first, then Hellfire was by six months. My dad was the eldest out of him and Arrow, and Arrow helped set up Hellfire, and then Dad helped set up Rage.

Cayla asked if you ever doubted the club would be clean?


No. Simple as that, no. Those I recruited to the club knew what they were in for. Knew we had a battle getting the club clean. We could have left and started our own, but Hellfire is my blood. It was my dad's, and Zeus wasn't keeping it. I wasn't afraid to claim the club back because I had the right and the might.


Cayla also asked is there a story behind the name of the club?


Yeah. Dad used to make his own moonshine, ya know? And jeez, the taste was pure hellfire; it burned your mouth and throat, and you couldn't speak for days. Dad and Arrow had spent a night with Big Al and Axel trying to come up with a name, and they got drunk as skunks on it. The next day Axel woke up and cursed Dad for making that hellfire, and the name stuck in Dad's head, and the club got named Hellfire.


Jayne would like to know what Hellfire represents to you.


Hey baby, Hellfire represents life. It has good times and bad; we break our backs to make it work and revel in the good times. Hellfire has birth and death; it has celebration and mourning. Hellfire was created with a dream, where like-minded men can get together and let it hang out. Alongside that, their women and kids could be safe letting their s**t hang out and not worry about judgement. Hellfire has darkness, and it has beauty, just like its name. I want a club that looks after its community, that helps charities, that people don't run in fear from. Wait, no, I want a club that bad people run from, but good people know they can trust us not to hurt them. Hellfire needs to strike fear into our enemies' hearts and will continue to protect the innocent. Just hope we don't go the route Rage has. Don't want that drama every time we claim an old lady.


Thanks, Chance. Did you have any favourite toys as a child or cherished memories?


(Chance rubs his face and looks sheepish, ladies, this is going to be good!) Honestly, I got a big secret, but if I tell you, the guys won't shut the f**k up about it!


You have to tell us now, Chance, or I'm going to fetch Clio.


Jesus, I had a stuffed rag doll I carried everywhere. It belonged to Mom, and when she died, Dad gave it to me because it smelt like her. Dad kept buying her perfume and spraying every so often so I could remember Mom. Anyone comments I'm pounding their head into the pavement!

Last one, Chance, what’s a secret you've never told anyone?​

I cried when I saw the image of Phoe, Drake and the kids in Rage's Terror! Why you shaking your head? No one knew that! Oh, alright, I am f**king terrified one of my brothers will get hurt when claiming their old lady. I look at Drake and don't know how he's got it together still. My brothers are my everything, the reason the club exists. They got their own scars and wounds, and it freaking terrifies me they're gonna get hurt. Enough bs now, Elizabeth.

Okay, Chance, I can hear Clio calling you. Thanks for your time!

Damn women, always got to poke their noses in. Warning you woman, me and Clio get a happy ending with tons of babies.

Think Clio might have something to say about that!

Can say all she wants, but she's gonna be flat foot and pregnant for the next twenty years!

Oh my God, Chance!


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