Hellfire MC

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Chance's Hell

Book One of Hellfire MC

Life had never been pretty, why would it? His father had died too young, his uncle swiftly followed and he was left to watch over an angry, bitter, younger cousin. Yeah, life was ugly, he learnt that at an early age. His club went downhill and away from the values his father had instilled. He battled to get clean, his hands got dirty more than once and he put down anyone in his way.  He didn't let that bitterness stop him, he got beauty and peace for his brothers.

He saw his cousin and Rage MC get what they deserved, the stunning women who handled the Rage brothers like professional wranglers. Now he wanted his turn, his brothers their turn, he was going to get it. She'd been watching, she didn't know he'd been looking right back at her.  He had her in his sights and she was going down.

A good girl, with a love of bikes and beautiful cars, she spied on Hellfire MC for a long time, dreaming. Then he made a move and laid claim to her heart, she wasn't ready for a man like him, who was? He took care of her and treated her like she wanted. Like a precious thing. Only precious things can break, can't they?


Did he have it in him to handle her with care, did she have it in her to lay her trust in his hands along with her heart? Hell was coming, and Hellfire is aptly named.

The Savagery of Hell

Book two of Hellfire MC

He was the quiet one, but the one most people were afraid of angering. Built like a mountain with a barely controlled temper, he’d given up hope of finding a woman to love him. Darkness surrounded him, and he’d journeyed to hell and back for his brothers.


She was loved, coddled and treasured. But her soul wasn’t complete, there was a missing. With a blessing, she set off to discover the final part of her soul. The answers were out there, but she’d find that they weren’t always simple or easy.


Protective of his club and family, he watches her with suspicion. It doesn’t matter how genuine she seems, there’s always a price to pay. He’d make sure that his club wasn’t going to pay it. But had he known she’d steal his heart, maybe he wouldn’t have been so gruff. Bears are known for being savage when riled. Maybe someone should have taken that to heart.

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