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Hellfire MC

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Chance's Hell

Book One of Hellfire MC

Life had never been pretty, why would it? His father had died too young, his uncle swiftly followed and he was left to watch over an angry, bitter, younger cousin. Yeah, life was ugly, he learnt that at an early age. His club went downhill and away from the values his father had instilled. He battled to get clean, his hands got dirty more than once and he put down anyone in his way.  He didn't let that bitterness stop him, he got beauty and peace for his brothers.

He saw his cousin and Rage MC get what they deserved, the stunning women who handled the Rage brothers like professional wranglers. Now he wanted his turn, his brothers their turn, he was going to get it. She'd been watching, she didn't know he'd been looking right back at her.  He had her in his sights and she was going down.

A good girl, with a love of bikes and beautiful cars, she spied on Hellfire MC for a long time, dreaming. Then he made a move and laid claim to her heart, she wasn't ready for a man like him, who was? He took care of her and treated her like she wanted. Like a precious thing. Only precious things can break, can't they?


Did he have it in him to handle her with care, did she have it in her to lay her trust in his hands along with her heart? Hell was coming, and Hellfire is aptly named.

The Savagery of Hell

Book two of Hellfire MC

He was the quiet one, but the one most people were afraid of angering. Built like a mountain with a barely controlled temper, he’d given up hope of finding a woman to love him. Darkness surrounded him, and he’d journeyed to hell and back for his brothers.


She was loved, coddled and treasured. But her soul wasn’t complete, there was a missing piece. With a blessing, she set off to discover the final part of her soul. The answers were out there, but she’d find that they weren’t always simple or easy.


Protective of his club and family, he watches her with suspicion. It doesn’t matter how genuine she seems, there’s always a price to pay. He’d make sure that his club wasn’t going to pay it. But had he known she’d steal his heart, maybe he wouldn’t have been so gruff. Bears are known for being savage when riled. Maybe someone should have taken that to heart.

The Scream of Hell

Book three of Hellfire MC.

He fought for his club; he stood firm when life wanted to shatter him. When she left, he flipped life the finger and carried on. He’s quiet and rarely has much to say. He doesn’t forgive, nor does he forget. But now, he’s faced with the sins of his past. Will he survive?


She ran because he was going to break her. His club was dirty, and she saw the writing on the wall. They had a talent together, but he chose the club over her, and she couldn’t forgive him. She’d never forget that night. It scarred her too deeply. Now she’s back and not by choice. Her life continued without him. Now he’s in her face demanding answers, but she’s none to give him. He hadn’t listened before and won’t now.


A Hellfire brother confronts the woman who tore his heart out and stamped all over it. But she’s different, no longer the girl who doted on his every word. Life has taught her several lessons, and the first is, stand your ground, don’t be weak. Well, he intends to break her and get his revenge. But she’s not playing his game. Instead, she’s playing in a whole different ballpark.


What happens when a stubborn Hellfire brother meets his match? What happens when a woman who has lived life on her terms is challenged? The only sure thing is, they’ll hear the screams in Hell.

Justice of Hell

Book four of Hellfire MC.


A brother with secrets he’s told no one. A life he forced himself to forget, and he kept his head down and moved on until he found his place. The large, noisy club where the past didn’t exist, and he could breathe freely. Except those pesky little secrets nobody knows, they have a way of finding their way into the present.


She was running and didn’t know where to turn. Until she saw a magazine article and recognised a face. He’d once promised her he’d be there for her, no matter what. But promises are made to be broken. Now she’s alone, in hiding and scared. Her identity has taken a complete overhaul, and she’s decided to live for as long as she can. To hell with him and the false hope he’d given her. She’d make her own way.


One of those secrets smacks him in the face, and he doesn’t recognise her. His betrayal of her sinks deep when he finally discovers who she is. But she’s gone, running like a scared rabbit. A Hellfire brother never stops, not until they reach their goal. Now he has several. Find her, protect her and make her his. But there is just one problem that might come between them; he hopes if anyone can understand, it’s her. He has another name, and that name is Justice.

The Horror of Hell

Book 4.5 of Hellfire MC.

Hellfire knows one thing for sure, Halloween comes around, and Phoe goes nuts. She’s done some pretty scary stuff over the years, but she’s planning her biggest this year. And Marissa Hawthorne is working with her. To say Hellfire and Rage are worried, maybe terrified at what the two women will come up with, is an understatement because Phoe knows them inside out.

A tragedy overshadows Phoe’s celebrations. Chance finds himself asking why, whenever Halloween comes around, so does a disaster. In addition, despite resistance, he’s trying to move Hellfire forward, and while his brothers are pouting, Chance knows this is the best for Hellfire.


A man who claimed his woman long ago faces a future without her. Should she die, he will be a broken man, and there will be no healing him. His entire being is centred around their love, and he can’t abide the thought of life without her. They’ve gone to hell and back together; can they survive one last challenge?

The Wild Side of Hell

Book five of Hellfire MC.

Blunt, driven, cocksure, and muscled. That was a Hellfire brother. Mix in determination, nosiness and enormous ego, and you had an officer of Hellfire. And like his brothers, he was fully capable of recognising what was his when he saw it. She may have hidden right under his nose at first, but he’d seen her now, and she was right in the middle of his bullseye.

Safe for years, different, shy and under the protection of a man, who wrote the book about overly protective men, she’d hidden in plain sight. Except now, the bossy biker wanted to know more and know her. And she was sure she’d heard mention of claiming. And knowing how her boss loved a happy story, she was on edge! Until the day she was discovered, not by those who cared for her. All her years of running and remaining hidden amounted to nothing because they had found her once again, and this time it was harder for her to run. Especially when those eyes begged her to stay and trust him.

Nobody was going to take her. She belonged to him. He knew she was hiding from someone, but he had no idea who or why. He’s stunned when the truth comes out, but it doesn’t stop him from doing what is needed. Even if he sleeps on her doorstep to protect her. She should know but has clearly forgotten that when someone threatens the woman of a Hellfire brother, they unleash Hell. And Hell comes in many forms!

Hell's Vengeance

Book Six of Hellfire MC.

A woman took his reason for living. Now he has his son back and is out for revenge. Someone would pay for the pain he and his boy had suffered. An easy-going brother shows his dark side as he seeks payback. Except an innocent gets caught in the crossfire. And with blinkered vision, he is far too slow to realise what’s under his very nose.

She was clueless as to what was happening. One minute happily working and the next facing down an irate father determined to defend his child at all costs. She sensed he blamed her for something she hadn’t done, but she wasn’t a dormouse! He could take his attitude and shove it. Nobody spoke to her like that, not since she escaped hell.

His temper was up, and he was cruising for a bruising. Except he might be the one who gets bruised. A past nightmare returns but with two victims in mind. One Hellfire can protect; the second, well, she’s about to shoot a brother straight between the eyes.

Hellfire has never been slow to fire up, but they are slow to simmer down, and boy, can they hold a grudge. Funny enough, so can this woman!

The Speakeasy of Hell

Book Seven of Hellfire MC.

    He was often ignored, the quiet one who’d disappear when things got too much for him. Nobody knew where he went or why; they just accepted it because he was their brother. He liked the fact his brothers were finding their women, but he knew he was different. He couldn’t afford to fall. Not for a saucy woman who loved the 1920s and had a sassy mouth.

    She didn’t care what people thought of her. Let them ridicule her and her style; she could handle that. She couldn’t handle watching her three cousins be miserable in the life they lived, and so they made plans to escape. As sweet as sugar, but when sugar is burned, it turns dark, just like her. Once they gained freedom, she had no intention of allowing anyone to take it from them. But the darkness holds many enemies, as she was about to find out.

    He didn’t just fall; he dived deep and found he couldn’t breathe without her. She became his muse, his obsession, and he needed her. All of her. Every dark, delicious inch. A sweet face holds many a secret, as he well knew. But to claim her, he’d not only have to battle her enemies but his own. And when face to face with your monster, who wins? Only time will tell.

The Tribute of Hell

Book 7.5 of Hellfire MC.

    Hellfire has had a rough time lately. They lost their clubhouse, brothers were seriously injured, an old lady paid for a cult’s greed, and now they face war. And it may be a war they lose. But Clio is determined to make this Thanksgiving something special. She nearly destroyed herself over guilt at not being able to give Chance what she thought he desired. She’d never listened to what he wanted, and boy, was there a difference.

    Clio had broken. For the first time in her life, she’d truly spiralled down into despair. Now she was learning Hellfire’s strength was their family, and this time, Clio was reaching out and grabbing hands. She was putting everything behind her and making a stand. And that was, she was Hellfire’s Queen Bee and Chance’s old lady. She was the mother of the future president. There was a lot to be thankful for.

    But as Clio has learned by now, nothing ever goes by plan. Waiting in the shadows is someone ready to tear her down and force those doubts to rise again. Will Clio’s strength hold out, or will she spiral into a darkness that, this time, there will be no escaping from? Hellfire’s strength comes in many forms. But the strength of its old ladies is something all the brothers cherish. Clio can heal or fracture Hellfire; she simply has to decide which.

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