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Love Beyond Death

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Oakwood Manor  

Book One of Love Beyond Death.

Can love really exist beyond death? Is it really the be all and end all of everything? Is it the most powerful force in the world?

Sabine inherits a Manor. Nothing spectacular. Oh no, its a wreck well on it's way to being a ruin. But for Sabine, it comes when her life is falling down around her ears. When those closest to her betray her. When blood is proved most definitely not thicker than water. It gives her a hiding place from the world, a place to lick her wounds, a place to heal and a big distraction from the hot mess her life is. Only someone doesn't want her there and he's making no bones about it.

Lord Daniel Harrington, mysteriously murdered in 1715 has chased off everyone who sought to inherit his beloved Manor. He doesn't remember his death, all he knows is one minute he's alive and contemplating that sneaky kiss. The next, he's floating through walls and rather annoyed at the interlopers who invade his home. Now he's met a woman who won't be chased away. Whose pain is bigger than her fear of him.

They come together in a clash of personalities, war is declared. But there are several someone's who don't want either of them there. Maybe it's time to redraw the battle lines and focus on an enemy to them both. What's the saying? An enemy of my enemy is my friend? 

Courtenay House  

Book Two of Love Beyond Death.


Henrietta has been alone for over three hundred years. Courtenay House, her home of just six months became her prison. She loved the House, but not as much as its owner, the handsome and regal St John Courtenay, Viscount Ravenell. Her brother's best friend and the man she loved from a child their story ended in tragedy.

When St John's father dies, he returns to the family home and finds a wreck. He also found an infuriating and headstrong ghost. Henrietta, the former wife of his namesake didn't plan on letting him regain the family home and she was on a mission, so was he! He finds himself in the midst of a murder mystery at Oakwood Manor and then smack in the middle of solving Henrietta's murder and discovering what happened to his namesake. 

Courtenay House has his own secrets and it doesn't want to give them up. Old memories and secrets rise to the surface and Courtenay House fights to protect its mysteries and its lady. St John swears to protect his heritage and Henrietta promises to find the man she loved and died for. Two stubborn personalities meet and the fur flies! Is Courtenay House about to become a battlefield? Or will love persevere and peace reign over Courtenay House?

Waverley Hall 

Book three of Love Beyond Death

First Henry Harcourt died, married to Emile, one of the Rakehell Six. Next Daniel died, the first of the Rakehell Six to die, followed by Nicholas Pembroke, Earl of Mortimer the second of the Rakehell Six to die. Only like the others, he doesn't remember his death and for some reason, he doesn't feel dead. If he’s dead shouldn’t he feel like a ghost?  Trapped for three hundred years in a tiny prison he’s freed by Henrietta Courtenay.

Stunned at how things have changed Nicholas realises unlike the others, he’s truly a ghost out of time, unlike Daniel and Henrietta he didn’t get to keep up with modern inventions. Determined to make his own way in the world, find out how he died, learn what happened to Emile and everyone else, Nicholas has his hands full.

Melisandre has a job to do and no ghost, no matter how distracting is going to stop her. He may look mighty fine in those skin-tight breeches and he may also resemble Mr Darcy emerging from the lake with those open shirts but she has to prove herself on this job. And to make matters worse, his Lordship was determined to interfere with her tasks! The threat to turn his home into a bubble gum pink monstrosity wasn’t an empty one!

Nicholas must learn to trust, as well as catch up with modern-day thinking and actions. Melisandre must learn to relax and find the fun in life. But Waverley Hall has many secrets, and it is not going to happily share them, not even with the man it’s meant to protect. Battle came to Oakwood Manor, war to Courtenay House, Waverley Hall is about to see the start of Armageddon.

Corelle Abbey


Book three of Love Beyond Death

Hidden in a valley, lost in the fog looms the Lodge. Trapped inside is Emile, cut off from the outside world for three hundred years. Emile blames herself for everything that happened, but not even she knew the full story. Guilt-ridden and scared, Emile has carved out some sort of afterlife.

Corelle Abbey has always liked surprises, and it certainly springs one on Daniel, Nicholas and St John when they seek out Emile. They find a ghost, but not one they expected! Meanwhile, Sabine, Melisandre and Henrietta, separated from their loved ones, seek what the men couldn’t find. Their discoveries lead to several further disturbing ones, which ends in a horror movie made real.

This time there’s no war, but sacrifices must be made to break the curse the fog holds over Corelle Vale. Where two souls desperately yearn for each other, and not even death could break their love. Who will win? Death or love? Good or evil?

Eléonore Castle


Book five of Love Beyond Death

Tristian has been alone for three hundred years. He’s chased any pretender to his home away, and Eléonore Castle resides in secrecy. Haunted by his failure to his family, his duty and his word, Tristian has spent each lonely year regretting his arrogance.


Abigail, forced into a marriage of convenience that became a disaster, was abandoned at Eléonore Castle. She’d heard the rumours about the legendary castle in her husband’s family, the malevolent, vindictive ghost. Bruised and dumped into what her husband assumes would be a horror movie, Abigail awakes to find the spirit watching her.


Tristian is infuriated on many levels. He’s been invaded, a woman has been abused, his descendant ridicules his privacy, and he keeps hearing Emile’s voice in his head. But Tristian wasn’t named the Black Duke for nothing, and no one can out-think him. And Tristian is a master at revenge and claiming what belongs to him.

DeLacy Park.


Book Six of Love Beyond Death.

Lavinia can sense change coming. Five are seeking her, and they bring danger with them. Happily haunting DeLacy and protected by successive heirs, Lavinia’s only mystery is her death. Not only does she not know how she died, but she’s also aware there are gaps in her memory. As far as Lavinia is concerned, the Rakehell Six never existed.


Jeremy had always known that he would have to swear an oath to protect the crazed DeLacy ghost when he took the title. Except watching Lavinia is not a hardship and is instead a pleasure. Forewarned by Lavinia, the intruders who mean her harm are coming, Jeremy swears no harm will come to his ghost.


The danger arrives, and Jeremy and a Rakehell Six are stricken. It is left to Lavinia to discover her trust and overcome fear to resolve the final mystery. Who is Lord Peerson? And why was he so determined to see them all dead? Lavinia doesn’t buy Emile’s explanation. Is that because Lavinia, deep down, is aware that she holds knowledge the others don’t?


The ultimate battle between the Rakehell Six and their unknown enemy comes to a head. The only question remains: who is it really, and can they stop him before it’s too late?

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