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A page for your questions and comments!

Q)  Hi Elizabeth, I was wondering when the second book is due out. Will it be available to order on Amazon again? Any spoilers you wish to share! Thanks Sofia. (Goodreads)

A)Thanks for your question! The second book was going to be released on the first of March 2020, but as I've managed to edit it pretty quickly, it's more likely to be released on the first of Feb.


Q) Hi Elizabeth, I just read your bio, and it says you're working on other series. Can you elaborate? Sofia. (Goodreads)

A)  There's lots going on at the moment. As well as editing the Hunters Rage and preparing that for publishing I'm also working on a new book called Oakwood Manor. It deals with love after death, can a ghost possibly fall in love? Can the past be changed and fate be interfered with?
    I'm also toying with an idea around King Arthur, a possible trilogy and jotting notes and idea's down as they come to me. This would be a more fantasy trilogy.
    And... add to all that I'm editing Chance's story, hoping for the first book of Hellfire MC to come out late next year. There are also books planned to be released on The Trust Personel, The Armstrongs, Hellfire MC, The Trust Heroes and many others I've worked on over the years.

So lots more to come but not all at once!

Kelly Gambril

I’ve re-read them (Rage MC) every single time a new book is released. I find something in them that just grabs me  thank you Elizabeth N. Harris for some truly fantastic books 


Q)  I just found your books!! Love them and is Chance getting a book??? Leslie (through contact the author)

A)  Chance will be getting his own book. I think Chance deserves it. I've got idea's for Chance and Hellfire MC but I've not begun writing the books yet. I also love Bear and Shee from Hellfire, so yes there will be books on them. I'm hoping to release one on Chance at the end of the year. 

Jacqui Edge

 I always feel the need to start right back at the beginning for every new release not that I need much excuse to reread your books. I love them thank you so much you make lock down bare able x

Jayne Rushton = winner of July 20 Prize Draw.


Thank you so much. So wonderful to wake up to this morning.

Q) Hi,  I finished reading The Hunters Rage and I loved it! Artemis is such a strong & kickass woman! I was wondering because Artemis was working with her team would the other members such as Angel, Butch, Simone and the others get books as well about them? Thanks, Cleo

A) Hi Cleo, yes I do plan to do offshoots of the Rage MC series. Hellfire MC for one, there will also be a series called the Prospects combining the Rage and Hellfire prospects into one series. Hawthorne's I think deserves a series and The Juno Group will definitely be getting a series, we all need to see Akemi get a HEA. And... I'd like to do to something with HQ, so the Rage MC world will be around for a long time yet!

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