Love Beyond Death - The Inns

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The Jekyll and Hyde.

Book one of Love Beyond Death - The Inns



Maggie has always been sweet, but life hasn’t treated her so well. But a lucky win, and she and her childhood friends get a chance to live their dreams. Maggie buys the Jekyll and Hyde Inn without knowing anything about it. So imagine her surprise when the locals refuse to enter because it’s haunted. But ghosts aren’t real!


Lucian ‘Lucifer’ Norton gave his life to stop a terrible crime and never regretted it. But by stopping the wicked murderess, he trapped himself in the Jekyll and Hyde. For centuries he protected the inn from those who would innocently awaken the evil and set it free. So when Lucian comes across a woman who doesn’t believe in ghosts, he’s rather unimpressed. Even more so when Sweet is accompanied by a big heaping of Stubborn!


War erupts in the Jekyll and Hyde and not the war Lucian worried about. He has to keep Maggie safe, make her see sense while keeping the inn locked down and protected. But sometimes life has a way of turning upside down and what you thought was true actually was false. Can two determined, creative souls find their way and stop the evil in the Jekyll and Hyde forever?