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Love Beyond Death - The Inns

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The Jekyll and Hyde.

Book one of Love Beyond Death - The Inns



Maggie has always been sweet, but life hasn’t treated her so well. But a lucky win, and she and her childhood friends get a chance to live their dreams. Maggie buys the Jekyll and Hyde Inn without knowing anything about it. So imagine her surprise when the locals refuse to enter because it’s haunted. But ghosts aren’t real!


Lucian ‘Lucifer’ Norton gave his life to stop a terrible crime and never regretted it. But by stopping the wicked murderess, he trapped himself in the Jekyll and Hyde. For centuries he protected the inn from those who would innocently awaken the evil and set it free. So when Lucian comes across a woman who doesn’t believe in ghosts, he’s rather unimpressed. Even more so when Sweet is accompanied by a big heaping of Stubborn!


War erupts in the Jekyll and Hyde and not the war Lucian worried about. He has to keep Maggie safe, make her see sense while keeping the inn locked down and protected. But sometimes life has a way of turning upside down and what you thought was true actually was false. Can two determined, creative souls find their way and stop the evil in the Jekyll and Hyde forever?

The Black Cat.

Book two of Love Beyond Death - The Inns

Benedict Norton left home with his family one night, never to see them again. That night, he gave his freedom and life to imprison an evil so great it could not be allowed to roam free. With only his beloved inn for company, Benedict mourned the life he’d lost but rejoiced in protecting the innocent villages and towns surrounding his inn.

Mariah fell in love with the Black Cat immediately. There was no hesitation. It was meant to be her home. But she didn’t exactly imagine the invisible ghost who enjoys bellowing at her to leave! A firm disbeliever in the paranormal, Mariah’s world is titled when she comes to understand that ghosts exist, so does other stuff she only read about in books.

Two strong souls fight over an inn which is loyal to the Nortons but actually also likes the feisty women now inhabiting it. Nobody is going to win unless they learn to work together. Add in purple dye, a cement mixer, muddy gardens, and matters only worsen!

But events are in motion that cannot be stopped. It is time for everyone to unite to destroy the evil Benedict has guarded so zealously. Should they fail, many will die. But in destroying evil, will someone lose their own life? The Rakehell Six steps up to help someone they thought they’d never reach out to. Maybe it’s time to heal old wounds. Only the Black Cat knows.

The Green Man.

Book three of Love Beyond Death - The Inns

CeeCee owned her inn. A beautiful building she adored. Of course, it wasn’t the done thing for a genteel woman to own an inn, but she was a notorious Norton. Who would dare challenge her? Growing up amongst her brothers, fighting hand to hand and weapon to weapon, CeeCee knew her place. At night in fancy ballgowns, Cecilia Norton was different from the breeches-wearing, daring woman who brought down evil with her own hand.

Being an only child, his five female friends meant the world to him, and he protected them as best as he could. Moving into the Green Man, an inn that had haunted his dreams since childhood, was more than a dream come true. Cole didn’t care if the stairs creaked, chains rattled, or ghostly images appeared. This inn was meant to be his, and that was final.

CeeCee, never having been told no, has her nose put out of joint. Her antics escalate as she tries to pry the stubborn man invading her afterlife. How dare he just move in! Even worse, he was disturbing the creature she kept locked below and in her thrall. One slip and a monster will escape that the world has not seen the like of for three hundred years. This stubborn human male, who tells her, Cecilia Norton, no! must go and leave immediately.

After all, she is a woman, and her heart has already been broken once. Has Cole been sent as a final test? To check her dedication and commitment to the cause. There was only one answer CeeCee would and could give, but why was something telling her it was the wrong one?

The White Witch.

Book four of Love Beyond Death - The Inns

The second youngest of the Nortons has zealously guarded his prisoner for hundreds of years. Sacrificing his life was rather hard at eighteen, but it was something he did without a second thought. Kit had fought one of the worst creatures to walk the earth, and an evil so great, its escape gave him nightmares.

    Stephanie is recovering from an abusive relationship that could have destroyed a friendship she held dear. Thankfully, she and Cole made it through, supporting each other. Now, she owns the White Witch and is somewhat possessive of her new inn, even though it’s haunted by Kit. At first, they try to be friends. Kit doesn’t wish to terrorise a woman who’s learned the hard way that a man can’t always be trusted.

    It goes against Kit’s very core to harm a woman, so charming her and helping her understand what needs to happen is okay, right? Not so. Stephanie feels that, yet again, a man has abused her emotions and goes to war without Kit even realising he’s in one until it’s too late. By the time he listens to the White Witch, Kit is pedalling faster than he can blink.

    Kit is convinced Stephanie will succumb to the evil he’s imprisoned. Stephanie is rather insulted that Kit thinks she is so weak-willed. Then, there are outside influences interfering with them both. Another evil, a tremendous threat to Stephanie’s safety and life, haunts The White Witch, trying to get in and end what it started. Can Kit and the White Witch keep Stephanie safe? Can Stephanie avoid an evil influence? And will The White Witch survive the both of them!

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