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Rage Of The Phoenix

Book one of Rage MC.

A woman running from her past finally finds safety and a place to call home. A man who has seen and done things no man should.

Two MC's about to go to war over one woman. 

Just when things are finally settled love hits Phoenix without warning. Her past is dark and she's finally in a good place for her and her children. Drake a man haunted by the things he had to do to get his beloved club clean, finally thinks he may have found beauty.

Someone's past is going to bite them hard when they aren't looking for it. Before life can be lived the dark must be faced. Who will remain standing when the devil comes looking for them?

The Hunters Rage

Book two of Rage MC.

She was left for dead, discarded, her heart and soul shattered. Her body torn apart and the man of her dreams turned into the man of her nightmares.

He was betrayed by the one woman he loved. His heart turned to stone and he became a machine for the MC. Not even his brothers pierced his heart. 

Then a can of worms is opened, a tattoo seen that can't be unseen, wounds open that never healed and an MC bleeds again. History is about to be re-written, but it's not going to be pretty, it's not going to be nice and it going to be bloody.

The Rage of Reading

Book Three of Rage MC.

She was everything people avoided. Shy, socially awkward, terrified of her own shadow and far too happy in her own company. Grieving and heartbroken she struggles to create a new life for herself. One that didn't include looking for love.

He was a prospect, not a full brother but he was interested, and in more than one night. Then another brother tells him to lay claim or he will. If a brother lays claim to her it's done and dusted, finished. He didn't have the full rights of a brother. She was skittish and so beautiful, it hurt him. How does he lock her down, when a brother also wants her? Will she let him into that place she cherishes and keeps behind walls?


Then fate blows everything wide open and suddenly he has a past he didn't know about. Would the woman he loves, stay by his side or will it finally be too much for her? Has he bound her tight enough to him or will she leave and find love elsewhere?

Rage's Heat

Book 3.5 of Rage MC

She was the woman who hid in the shadows, her kitchen was her home and sanctuary. Aware of the pain and betrayal the world held, she was happy in her own bubble and most certainly didn’t want a man, but she caught the attention of a Rage brother. Always loyal she’d never known it back, she was about to receive it and everything that came with it.

Every kid called him Uncle, every man in Rage called him Brother, enemies feared him and his kid called him Daddy. He’d been alone too long when sweetness crossed his path. He let her hide, but he watched her, oh boy, he watched her. He tasted her pain, wanted to soothe her hurts, but he had to get past the barriers she erected and maintained so well.

Had he earned sweetness in his bed again? Before he could claim his woman, the world would burn. And he was the one who would set fire to it. 

The Crafting of Rage 

Book Four of Rage MC.

Her life was ripped away from her, all the good she'd known as a child, gone in one tragic night. Her closest kin torn apart. She became a good girl, but she always had a plan. Now fate twisted it so that plan had to be now.

He harboured his own secret sorrow but found his family in an MC. He wasn't looking for anything special because special didn't exist. He'd seen his brothers fall and that was fine, he just didn't need it for himself.

Then one night, a beaten, broken woman tears up Rage's Forecourt and he finds himself looking into eyes he knew he'd kill for. Only, he was a man and man makes mistakes.

Rage's Terror

Book 4.5 of Rage MC

Halloween is a holiday Phoenix really knows how to celebrate. The problem is her husband, and Rage MC do not feel the same. Hellfire MC have learnt their lesson in the past, but Drake is in no mood to accept advice. Phoenix appears to be running amok aided by Artemis, Silvie is hiding something, and Marsha is acting strange.


Add to all that? A ghost seems to have invaded Rage, and his beloved wife just kicked Drake out of their house. Halloween is about to visit Rage, the devil about to poke at fears, and Rage MC are about to receive a Halloween that not even Hellfire can protect them from.


Welcome to Rage’s Terror, their fears come to life, and a woman who knows them better than Rage know themselves, gives Rage MC a Halloween they’ll never forget!

The Protection of Rage

Book five of Rage MC

He was a man who stood alone, he had since he was a child. He lost his loved ones and replaced them with his Rage brothers and their families, they became his reason for living. There was no love left for anyone else, but for one woman he swore to try, he always kept his word, but what happens when life throws him an unforeseen complication.

She’d fell in love young and only known one man, he betrayed her in the worse way possible. On her knee’s and with no out, she contemplated the only option left to her, which filled her with disgust. Disgust at being brought so low that she’s about to compromise her principles and morals.


He was a hunter for Rage, and he discovered a woman who refused to be broken even when she had nowhere to go. Now he was torn between two women, one who he’d given his word and one who touched his heart in a way he’d forgotten. Blood had touched one woman and was going to touch the other, a man torn between two women, his word and honour.

Love's Rage

Book 5.5 of Rage MC

Valentine's Day comes to Rage. Except very few of the brothers have any idea on how to celebrate it. 

Gunner's lost as to what to do with Autumn, he's never bothered with Valentine's Day before. Lowrider has left it to the very last minute and is shamed into planning something. Drake's wondering, what do you get the woman who has everything? Axel's making no bones, if Fish won't celebrate the day with Marsha, Axel has plans to, she's his girl after all. Texas is silent, has the big man anything planned, and does Penny have an inkling? And Artemis? Yup, Artemis doesn't do romance so what does Ace plan for his woman? Artemis would shoot him if he bought her flowers and chocolates. Only Jett is smug, the brother's planned and plotted and enlisted Phoe, Jett's sitting pretty. With pregnant old ladies, befuddled brothers, can Valentine's Day be rescued?

A short novella from Rage MC, celebrating one of the most beloved holidays, Valentine's Day, in the way only Rage MC can!

The Hope of Rage

Book Six of Rage MC.

For years she loved a man who was incapable of loving her back. Pain and constant yearning became her life until she said enough. She refused so suffer any further, now she wanted a life and now she was going to get one. Her whole life she'd never run until now, and now she was making the rules. 

He'd loved her ever since he set eyes on her, but she was out of his reach. His past was bleak and he couldn't drag her into his mess. So he did the honourable thing and stayed away. Shame no one else thought it was honourable. His club was splintering, sides were being taken and he knew it was his fault. 


When she returns, she's different, more distant and he realises he's lost her forever. Even worse a man has followed her home. Two sides of him warring, one to claim and one to protect. But it's not going to be easy, not when she becomes a victim and his urge to protect is stirred. He failed her twice, he won't fail her again. The question is, can she forgive him?

First Rage

Book 6.5 of Rage MC

He was a founder, took in boys and watched them become men he could be proud of. A heart so full of love, it had been broken so many times. His blood rejected him, and he made family from Rage. He thought life was done, he'd received all the bounty life had to give. But life wasn't finished with him, not yet.


At fifty-five life had sped by and she realised while she was busy, her life lacked love. Respected, educated, and a dedicated to her career, she had a spine of steel and generous heart. But she was lonely and that pair of sharp blue eyes was telling her she was missing something.


Two lonely people who weren't even aware they were seeking a soulmate, come together. There's a twist coming that not even he could foresee, as the Founder of Rage, meets his match.

The Innocence of Rage

Book Seven of Rage MC

Many years had passed since she understood what a home was. A home wasn’t filled with fear, hate and hunger. A home meant loving arms, acceptance and safety. She blossomed under the care of men who were rough and ready. She can run from her past, but the past always catches up.


He waited and bided his time, she had to be legal. Except when she was ready, and he was going to make his move, she ran. Without a goodbye or explanation, one day she was there, and the next, she was gone. Bitterness rose, and his love turned to hate. He carried on but knew he was unworthy of love. Not even she could see past his dark.


She returned broken, scarred, damaged. He swore to heal her, but enemies are relentless, and money always speaks. Can he protect what he has claimed? Can she heal enough to finally let herself trust a man? And will he return from the disaster that threatens their home?

The Sweetness of Rage

Book Eight of Rage MC

There comes a time when just existing doesn’t work anymore. When you understand just how bad your family is, but when you walk into a situation manipulated by them, words fail you. She understands that too well. Her family took everything that mattered, all in the name of money. Leaving her home country, she flees to the country that over the years had become her real home.


She doesn’t speak, she’s shy, timid, but he senses she’s hiding something. And he loves nothing more than a challenge. But this girl isn’t going to give her trust to just anyone, and he recognises that. A brother steps out of his comfort zone to claim the woman he wants. Because she’s it, the dream, in one cute sexy package.


Not understanding how a brother works, she’s bewildered and ready to run. Except those gorgeous eyes beg her to trust him. Trust is hard to come by in the world she occupied, but when the world comes crashing down, he’s the one standing beside her.

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