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Rage MC Books

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Rage Of The Phoenix

Book one of Rage MC.

A woman running from her past finally finds safety and a place to call home. A man who has seen and done things no man should.

Two MC's about to go to war over one woman. 

Just when things are finally settled love hits Phoenix without warning. Her past is dark and she's finally in a good place for her and her children. Drake a man haunted by the things he had to do to get his beloved club clean, finally thinks he may have found beauty.

Someone's past is going to bite them hard when they aren't looking for it. Before life can be lived the dark must be faced. Who will remain standing when the devil comes looking for them?

The Hunters Rage

Book two of Rage MC.

She was left for dead, discarded, her heart and soul shattered. Her body torn apart and the man of her dreams turned into the man of her nightmares.

He was betrayed by the one woman he loved. His heart turned to stone and he became a machine for the MC. Not even his brothers pierced his heart. 

Then a can of worms is opened, a tattoo seen that can't be unseen, wounds open that never healed and an MC bleeds again. History is about to be re-written, but it's not going to be pretty, it's not going to be nice and it going to be bloody.

The Rage of Reading

Book Three of Rage MC.

She was everything people avoided. Shy, socially awkward, terrified of her own shadow and far too happy in her own company. Grieving and heartbroken she struggles to create a new life for herself. One that didn't include looking for love.

He was a prospect, not a full brother but he was interested, and in more than one night. Then another brother tells him to lay claim or he will. If a brother lays claim to her it's done and dusted, finished. He didn't have the full rights of a brother. She was skittish and so beautiful, it hurt him. How does he lock her down, when a brother also wants her? Will she let him into that place she cherishes and keeps behind walls?


Then fate blows everything wide open and suddenly he has a past he didn't know about. Would the woman he loves, stay by his side or will it finally be too much for her? Has he bound her tight enough to him or will she leave and find love elsewhere?

Rage's Heat

Book 3.5 of Rage MC

She was the woman who hid in the shadows, her kitchen was her home and sanctuary. Aware of the pain and betrayal the world held, she was happy in her own bubble and most certainly didn’t want a man, but she caught the attention of a Rage brother. Always loyal she’d never known it back, she was about to receive it and everything that came with it.

Every kid called him Uncle, every man in Rage called him Brother, enemies feared him and his kid called him Daddy. He’d been alone too long when sweetness crossed his path. He let her hide, but he watched her, oh boy, he watched her. He tasted her pain, wanted to soothe her hurts, but he had to get past the barriers she erected and maintained so well.

Had he earned sweetness in his bed again? Before he could claim his woman, the world would burn. And he was the one who would set fire to it. 

The Crafting of Rage 

Book Four of Rage MC.

Her life was ripped away from her, all the good she'd known as a child, gone in one tragic night. Her closest kin torn apart. She became a good girl, but she always had a plan. Now fate twisted it so that plan had to be now.

He harboured his own secret sorrow but found his family in an MC. He wasn't looking for anything special because special didn't exist. He'd seen his brothers fall and that was fine, he just didn't need it for himself.

Then one night, a beaten, broken woman tears up Rage's Forecourt and he finds himself looking into eyes he knew he'd kill for. Only, he was a man and man makes mistakes.

Rage's Terror

Book 4.5 of Rage MC

Halloween is a holiday Phoenix really knows how to celebrate. The problem is her husband, and Rage MC do not feel the same. Hellfire MC have learnt their lesson in the past, but Drake is in no mood to accept advice. Phoenix appears to be running amok aided by Artemis, Silvie is hiding something, and Marsha is acting strange.


Add to all that? A ghost seems to have invaded Rage, and his beloved wife just kicked Drake out of their house. Halloween is about to visit Rage, the devil about to poke at fears, and Rage MC are about to receive a Halloween that not even Hellfire can protect them from.


Welcome to Rage’s Terror, their fears come to life, and a woman who knows them better than Rage know themselves, gives Rage MC a Halloween they’ll never forget!

The Protection of Rage

Book five of Rage MC

He was a man who stood alone, he had since he was a child. He lost his loved ones and replaced them with his Rage brothers and their families, they became his reason for living. There was no love left for anyone else, but for one woman he swore to try, he always kept his word, but what happens when life throws him an unforeseen complication.

She’d fell in love young and only known one man, he betrayed her in the worse way possible. On her knee’s and with no out, she contemplated the only option left to her, which filled her with disgust. Disgust at being brought so low that she’s about to compromise her principles and morals.


He was a hunter for Rage, and he discovered a woman who refused to be broken even when she had nowhere to go. Now he was torn between two women, one who he’d given his word and one who touched his heart in a way he’d forgotten. Blood had touched one woman and was going to touch the other, a man torn between two women, his word and honour.

Love's Rage

Book 5.5 of Rage MC

Valentine's Day comes to Rage. Except very few of the brothers have any idea on how to celebrate it. 

Gunner's lost as to what to do with Autumn, he's never bothered with Valentine's Day before. Lowrider has left it to the very last minute and is shamed into planning something. Drake's wondering, what do you get the woman who has everything? Axel's making no bones, if Fish won't celebrate the day with Marsha, Axel has plans to, she's his girl after all. Texas is silent, has the big man anything planned, and does Penny have an inkling? And Artemis? Yup, Artemis doesn't do romance so what does Ace plan for his woman? Artemis would shoot him if he bought her flowers and chocolates. Only Jett is smug, the brother's planned and plotted and enlisted Phoe, Jett's sitting pretty. With pregnant old ladies, befuddled brothers, can Valentine's Day be rescued?

A short novella from Rage MC, celebrating one of the most beloved holidays, Valentine's Day, in the way only Rage MC can!

The Hope of Rage

Book Six of Rage MC.

For years she loved a man who was incapable of loving her back. Pain and constant yearning became her life until she said enough. She refused so suffer any further, now she wanted a life and now she was going to get one. Her whole life she'd never run until now, and now she was making the rules. 

He'd loved her ever since he set eyes on her, but she was out of his reach. His past was bleak and he couldn't drag her into his mess. So he did the honourable thing and stayed away. Shame no one else thought it was honourable. His club was splintering, sides were being taken and he knew it was his fault. 


When she returns, she's different, more distant and he realises he's lost her forever. Even worse a man has followed her home. Two sides of him warring, one to claim and one to protect. But it's not going to be easy, not when she becomes a victim and his urge to protect is stirred. He failed her twice, he won't fail her again. The question is, can she forgive him?

First Rage

Book 6.5 of Rage MC

He was a founder, took in boys and watched them become men he could be proud of. A heart so full of love, it had been broken so many times. His blood rejected him, and he made family from Rage. He thought life was done, he'd received all the bounty life had to give. But life wasn't finished with him, not yet.


At fifty-five life had sped by and she realised while she was busy, her life lacked love. Respected, educated, and a dedicated to her career, she had a spine of steel and generous heart. But she was lonely and that pair of sharp blue eyes was telling her she was missing something.


Two lonely people who weren't even aware they were seeking a soulmate, come together. There's a twist coming that not even he could foresee, as the Founder of Rage, meets his match.

The Innocence of Rage

Book Seven of Rage MC

Many years had passed since she understood what a home was. A home wasn’t filled with fear, hate and hunger. A home meant loving arms, acceptance and safety. She blossomed under the care of men who were rough and ready. She can run from her past, but the past always catches up.


He waited and bided his time, she had to be legal. Except when she was ready, and he was going to make his move, she ran. Without a goodbye or explanation, one day she was there, and the next, she was gone. Bitterness rose, and his love turned to hate. He carried on but knew he was unworthy of love. Not even she could see past his dark.


She returned broken, scarred, damaged. He swore to heal her, but enemies are relentless, and money always speaks. Can he protect what he has claimed? Can she heal enough to finally let herself trust a man? And will he return from the disaster that threatens their home?

The Sweetness of Rage

Book Eight of Rage MC

There comes a time when just existing doesn’t work anymore. When you understand just how bad your family is, but when you walk into a situation manipulated by them, words fail you. She understands that too well. Her family took everything that mattered, all in the name of money. Leaving her home country, she flees to the country that over the years had become her real home.


She doesn’t speak, she’s shy, timid, but he senses she’s hiding something. And he loves nothing more than a challenge. But this girl isn’t going to give her trust to just anyone, and he recognises that. A brother steps out of his comfort zone to claim the woman he wants. Because she’s it, the dream, in one cute sexy package.


Not understanding how a brother works, she’s bewildered and ready to run. Except those gorgeous eyes beg her to trust him. Trust is hard to come by in the world she occupied, but when the world comes crashing down, he’s the one standing beside her.

The Range of Rage

Book Nine of Rage MC

What do you do when the past rises up and tries to take everything from you? In Rage, there is only one way of reacting, you fight. A brother’s hidden history has smacked Rage MC in the face, and now they’re fighting a war for two reasons. He thought he’d moved on, put it all behind him, and he discounted the horrors that haunted him at night. Now the nightmare has escaped his dreams and is face to face with him.

She is used to making life work, loved and adored. She is the one people turn to. A low blow brings her to her knees and, while grieving, evil moves into her life. She has three things left of her parents, and she’s not about to lose any of them. Brought up to know right from wrong, how does she save the man in her barn waiting to die? Is the ultimate risk worth it? A woman on the edge makes a decision that will have repercussions all round.

He’s taking charge, leading the fight; revenge for old deeds will be his. He swore on their graves, and now he’s taking the fight to the person at the heart of his pain. He has a new family to protect, and he’s a brother of Rage MC, who are known to burn the world to protect the people they love. He may be a younger brother, but he’s Rage through and through. An old enemy thought he was in control. Hasn’t anyone learnt? There’s no controlling Rage.

Rage's Model

Book 9.5 of Rage MC

Rage MC is under siege, old ladies and children locked down under heavy security. Allies surround their women with protection because no one knows who the targets are. A serial killer on the loose with a grudge as wide as an ocean. He’s been locked up, but he’s not given up. He made plans, and now he’s got the chance to fulfil those plans and to hell with anyone who tries to stop him.


A son makes a decision on his future while his brother surprises everyone with his news. In a time filled with turmoil, there is goodness and joy to be found. Not even the unseen threat can deny Rage that. But there are two daughters of Rage out there, heavily protected but not at home. A father is torn between staying with his wife and children and riding off to grab his daughters.


A girl comes into her own. Life wasn’t great, but it taught her the lessons she’ll need to survive this. Everything she experienced was leading her to this moment. When he comes for her, he’s coming for a daughter of Rage, and she’ll make sure he remembers that when she faces her fears, and she becomes Rage’s Model.

The Rage of Angels

Book 10 of Rage MC

Stalked, tormented and tortured, a shut-in yearns for peace and the right to live her life. Her only company is two guard dogs and an elderly neighbour until the worst happens and her friend is attacked. Now she’s alone in the world, her police liaison shot and unavailable, and he’s out there hunting her. He means to finish what he started, but the problem is, she has no idea what he’s after, except he terrifies her. Will the blood covering her hands ever fade?

Finding a woman kneeling over his elderly neighbour with a knife in her delicate hands wasn’t ideal. Especially when the two dogs with her threatened to rip his throat out. Then his brother recognises her, and a Rage brother steps up. She doesn’t want him in her life and refuses to expose him and his MC to a murderous threat. Well, tough. Rage was all about danger and protecting their own. She could refuse his help as much as she wants, but he sets up a protective grid around her.

The darling of Hollywood meets her match in the quiet Rage brother who takes no prisoners. His Prez gives his blessing to a man out to protect a woman who’s an angel. Even better, she’s his angel. And Hell hath no fury than when a Rage’s brother’s woman is threatened. The hunter is about to become the hunted.

The Hell of Christmas Rage

Book 10.5 of Rage MC

Phoe wanted a simple Christmas wish. Her entire family together for Christmas. A beautiful dream but the actual planning and organising… a nightmare. Christmas gets an early battering when Phoe realises she can no longer cope with her workload, private events, shopping, and everything else she does. A shocked Drake comes to understand how much pressure his beloved wife is under, and he takes steps that shocks Phoe.


Meanwhile, Hellfire and Rage face the daunting task of buying Christmas gifts. Who has what kid? Who just had a baby? How many kids does that couple have now? Chaos is approaching when the Hellfire and Rage brothers tackle Christmas shopping, and there’s sure to be some tears and laughter along the way.


An old lady has a heart-to-heart and reminds one club about their fundamental principle, family. Another old lady seeks reassurance she’s everything her old man dreamed of. And there’s some other surprises along the way. Will it be possible for Phoe to achieve her dream of a white Christmas with her family while keeping her sanity? A baby arrives in a flurry of commotion, and everyone thanks God Axel didn’t deliver this one!

The History of Rage

Book 11 of Rage MC

Rage is undergoing change, some welcome, some not. One brother is happy to go with the flow until his President’s point about the past haunting Rage bites him hard. He made a terrible mistake once and nearly cost a woman he loved her life. He paid his penance and grovelled for forgiveness. So when a woman he wants makes a mistake, how does he react? The same way as any Rage brother… everyone can go to hell! But it’s never that simple as fate throws a spanner in the works.


Being the daughter of a solid, upstanding citizen was easy. She was taught values that she cherished, and now her friends and acquaintances are being threatened. She understands there are always shades of grey, but when her father makes her aware of some local history, she puts her foot well and truly in it. What happens when the daughter of a Delta Force Lieutenant-Colonel stands up for those weaker than her and insults a Rage brother?


A brother reacts in hurt, a woman reacts with stubbornness, and two souls may lose their chance together. But Rage was warned, Rapid City hasn’t settled, and an old enemy is back and playing the long game. Opposites do attract. Is he strong enough to hold her but let her fire burn brightly? Maybe she can save herself by saving him, or vice versa? A Rage brother and his woman are about to either bend or break. Only time will tell.

A Renewed Rage

Book 11.5 of Rage MC

Rage brothers have an annoying habit. They open their mouths, blurt out whatever they’re thinking, and to hell with the consequences. This time there is no escaping what their actions wrought because Old Ladies took sides, and it wasn’t theirs! In the doghouse, with only one brother straddling both camps, Rage isn’t a nice place to be.


They weren’t backing down, not until Rage learn their lesson and hell, they have a mansion they can hide in. No Rage is allowed except what is now called the exiles. Old ladies are lying the law down, and God help the husband or brother who doesn’t listen!


Drake struggles to yank his brother’s thoughts from the past to the present and future. He has a battle on three fronts to win: his brothers, the exiles and the old ladies. And just when Drake thinks he’s finally made progress and things will settle… someone lets loose a hunter who returns with a hell of a prize!


Can Rage take that last step and make not only their new compound but address the issues of the past? Or will they lose themselves for once and all?

Rage's Legacy.

Book 12 of Rage MC




He made a mistake, a costly one, and it cost an innocent child her parents. Despite all he’s done to make up for that one simple error, it never felt enough. The legacy of his actions and what was left behind will never fade. He owes her his life and will pay with blood when the debt becomes due.

She is happy, content and busy. Having achieved her goals, she’s now living the life she wanted. She didn’t even realise something was missing until one bad snowstorm later, she was shoved into the crazy world of Rage MC. After the somewhat shocking introduction, she happily begins to navigate her way until the man she trusts with her heart betrays her cruelly.

When the call came, he left without a word and returned with a different woman. Brothers and old ladies are horrified as a brother who claimed a woman, brings home another. His heart breaks as the woman he loves flees before he can explain. If he could explain, that was. His shame has sunk so deep inside him, he’s never spoken about it.

Now with his future on the line, and a girl’s life at risk, can the man is he survive unforeseen events and re-claim his woman while keeping another safe?

A 4th Full of Rage.

Book 12.5 of Rage MC

Ghost has returned, bringing a dire warning. One Rage would be foolish to ignore. And Rage wasn’t stupid by a long shot. Gathering allies and warning them takes time, but time runs out when their prospects get attacked.

The first battle was drawn, and Rage won, but the war is only beginning. Old ladies refuse to leave their men, and Drake and the other presidents start working together in a way they’ve never done before. Against an unwanted and unknown enemy, there are no more lines, no false pride, and no club boundaries. The Allies open their doors to each other’s clubs.

But Phoe refuses to let this pull her family down. She’s always celebrated the 4th of July with others. Now she wants her own. Drake and Phoe argue over the safety aspects, and Phoe refuses to allow Fury and his bitterness to stop her family from living. She gets her way with unforeseen circumstances.

An enemy is about to discover something worrisome. Do not mess with the Rage old ladies or teenagers. They are just as lethal as their men and fathers. Make no mistake, it’s not just the men at war; the old ladies are right behind them.


Escape from Rage.

Book 12.75 Rage MC.

*Special real life guest appearance from a famous Paranormal Investigator!*

Phoe loves Halloween. The bigger, the better. For several years now, she’s terrorised not only Rage and Hellfire but half of Rapid City. This year, Phoe has gone all out. Something they’ve never done before, and she knows this is going to frighten half of them to death. But that’s the fun!

Rage and Hellfire are honestly annoyed at their so-called allies. One by one, their allies have managed to evade Phoe’s Fright Night, and they are the last two left standing. And Phoe will not brook any sign of refusal. It’s more than what their life is worth to say no to Phoe. Especially when they know she’s gone BIG. Drake is not ready to admit he’s scared stupid of what Phoe has come up with this time but by the time dawn breaks… Drake won’t be alone in wanting to flee.

Rage and Hellfire face insanity and depravity this Halloween. And for those who didn’t believe in ghosts, think again. Because this time, it’s not a staged house or a haunted maze. This time, they are facing their fears of the paranormal straight on. Worse, a paranormal investigator is aiding Phoe! Even the old ladies are worried this time. Artemis learns there are some things a bullet and knife won’t stop! Maybe this time even Phoe has bitten off more than she can chew!

Rage's Bounty.

Book 13 Rage MC.

He grieved for a love that could never happen and resigned himself to being alone. Then, his brothers began to claim their old ladies, and he grew hopeful. He didn’t see the shame in admitting he wanted someone to love, to spoil and to worship, but as time marched on, she never arrived. Then, one day, out of the blue, he’s part of a prophecy and his hope blossoms, even as he tries to keep it under control. After all, he’s had a hard life.

She lost her dad due to an accident and was left alone in the world, apart from an uncle. Belittled, enslaved, and ridiculed by her mother and stepmother, she wasn’t strong enough to stand up to them. Not while she was grieving. Only seeing the light in life, when the darkness came, she wasn’t prepared to handle it.

He sees her, the real her, and knows she’s suffered. All he wants to do is worship the very ground she walks on. She’s his soul mate. But then what of the other one? The one who riles him up, who is every dirty dream he ever had. Sweet versus vengeance, love versus bitterness, both appeal to him.

She also lost everything. In one night, her life was destroyed by the very enemy haunting Rage MC. She has a tie to them that nobody knows. And she wants cold-blooded revenge. Nobody should have seen what she did. And now she’s nothing more than a killing machine. But she’ll watch over Rage because she’s blood.

A man torn between two women, light and dark, both opposite of each other. He knows what he wanted, but he’s been thrown a curveball of epic proportions. Now, he has to choose, and it wasn’t as easy as he thought. Or is it time to throw in the hat? See the end of the war and go nomad. That way, maybe he’ll get peace.

Grey's Rage.

Book 13.5 Rage MC.

He was FBI through and through, and not much was known about him. He was a Princess’s work partner and arrived on Rage, bringing a cartel with him. Since then, he has stayed in the background, happy to support the woman he loved. The only problem was that their love was forbidden.

When given an ultimatum, his woman or his job, there was only one option. Flexible to change and unwilling to leave his soulmate, he strikes out on his own. But his woman has a family, and they’re not one to mess with, but nor would they leave someone they claim as their own out on the street.

She loves him with everything she has. Now, it’s time to pay the price of their love. She’s irate and anguished, but if he’s okay, then she is. But now she had to tell her dad and family a secret she’d kept for years. And her dad wasn’t known for being calm and collected.

He didn’t care. She was his woman and staying so. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he’d already planned for an exit. Things couldn’t stay as they were. Not if they wanted a future, and that was something they both longed for. Right?

Rage's Redemption.

Book 14 Rage MC.

He was the brother who valued family above all else. He’d sacrificed for his sister and her children and fought against a monster who’d tried to take them away. Years ticked past, and still, he hadn’t found his one. But there was someone he’d been interested in her for ages, but pinning her down was hard. She was shy and protected, and he had no idea how to break her walls. Until one night, she needed him, and he stepped up.

She knew the dark side of people all too well. She saw it in her job and in her private life. Two years ago, she’d struck out on her own, but she’d also shut down until the men who cared about her brought her out of her funk. Now, she was stronger, even going so far as to rescue someone. She’d never allow anyone to put her down again. She finally knew her own worth.

Two wounded souls come together and seek what was previously denied to them. He’ll go to hell and back to claim her and protect her. She’ll fight for them and prove she loves him. But when there is a darkness in the shadows, one they can’t foresee coming, who will win? Them or the nightmare lurking?

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