Welcome to the Coming Soon page! Below is a list of my books that are to be released in 2022! 

The Hell of Christmas Rage.

Book 10.5 of Rage MC.

Phoe wanted a simple Christmas wish. Her entire family together for Christmas. A beautiful dream but the actual planning and organising… a nightmare. Christmas gets an early battering when Phoe realises she can no longer cope with her workload, private events, shopping, and everything else she does. A shocked Drake comes to understand how much pressure his beloved wife is under, and he takes steps that shocks Phoe.


Meanwhile, Hellfire and Rage face the daunting task of buying Christmas gifts. Who has what kid? Who just had a baby? How many kids does that couple have now? Chaos is approaching when the Hellfire and Rage brothers tackle Christmas shopping, and there’s sure to be some tears and laughter along the way.


An old lady has a heart-to-heart and reminds one club about their fundamental principle, family. Another old lady seeks reassurance she’s everything her old man dreamed of. And there’s some other surprises along the way. Will it be possible for Phoe to achieve her dream of a white Christmas with her family while keeping her sanity? A baby arrives in a flurry of commotion, and everyone thanks God Axel didn’t deliver this one!

The History of Rage.

Book 11 of Rage MC.

Rage is undergoing change, some welcome, some not. One brother is happy to go with the flow until his President’s point about the past haunting Rage bites him hard. He made a terrible mistake once and nearly cost a woman he loved her life. He paid his penance and grovelled for forgiveness. So when a woman he wants makes a mistake, how does he react? The same way as any Rage brother… everyone can go to hell! But it’s never that simple as fate throws a spanner in the works.


Being the daughter of a solid, upstanding citizen was easy. She was taught values that she cherished, and now her friends and acquaintances are being threatened. She understands there are always shades of grey, but when her father makes her aware of some local history, she puts her foot well and truly in it. What happens when the daughter of a Delta Force Lieutenant-Colonel stands up for those weaker than her and insults a Rage brother?


A brother reacts in hurt, a woman reacts with stubbornness, and two souls may lose their chance together. But Rage was warned, Rapid City hasn’t settled, and an old enemy is back and playing the long game. Opposites do attract. Is he strong enough to hold her but let her fire burn brightly? Maybe she can save herself by saving him, or vice versa? A Rage brother and his woman are about to either bend or break. Only time will tell.

The Jekyll and Hyde.

Book 11 of Washingtons.

Maggie has always been sweet, but life hasn’t treated her so well. But a lucky win, and she and her childhood friends get a chance to live their dreams. Maggie buys the Jekyll and Hyde Inn without knowing anything about it. So imagine her surprise when the locals refuse to enter because it’s haunted. But ghosts aren’t real!


Lucian ‘Lucifer’ Norton gave his life to stop a terrible crime and never regretted it. But by stopping the wicked murderess, he trapped himself in the Jekyll and Hyde. For centuries he protected the inn from those who would innocently awake the evil and set it free. So when Lucian comes across a woman who doesn’t believe in ghosts, he’s rather unimpressed. Even more so when Sweet is accompanied by a big heaping of Stubborn!


War erupts in the Jekyll and Hyde and not the war Lucian worried about. He has to keep Maggie safe, make her see sense while keeping the inn locked down and protected. But sometimes life has a way of turning upside down and what you thought was true actually was false. Can two determined, creative souls find their way and stop the evil in the Jekyll and Hyde forever?