Welcome to the Coming Soon page! Below is a list of my books that are to be released soon. 

Corelle Abbey.

Book Four of Love Beyond Death.

Emile Harcourt married her husband Henry for one reason, love. She had plans for a long, happy marriage and lots of children. She was denied this when Henry died after a fall from a horse which Emile swore was murder. But no one listened and then her friends began to die, those she thought of as family. Her murder was expected, she wrote to warn the remaining two and could only hope that they'd recieved her warning. In death she thought she'd find her husband.

Henry Harcourt braved the men of the Rakehell Six, he braved Henrietta Harrington and Lavinia De Lacy, he was marrying the gentle but headstrong Emile come what may. Come what may didn't expect him to be murdered before a year of marriage ended. But Henry found himself wasting away, lingering for the wife he loved above all else. Blast the title, he house, the estates and fortune, he just wanted his wife.

Corelle Abbey has secrets, and secrets can be dug out and examined and explained. But will the evil surrounding Corelle Abbey win or will the Abbey take back what's rightfully hers? Can Emile solve her murder and Henry's, can Henry gain back the wife he adored? A fight is coming to Corelle Abbey, that she's never seen the likes of, as two lovers, try to solve what and who ripped them apart. Emile, this time is determined to win and with her beloved brothers of the heart, and their wives, Emile's coming out fighting!

First Rage

Book 6.5 of Rage MC.

He was a founder, took in boys and watched them become men he could be proud of. A heart so full of love, it had been broken so many times. His blood rejected him, and he made family from Rage. He thought life was done, he'd received all the bounty life had to give. But life wasn't finished with him, not yet.


At fifty-five life had sped by and she realised while she was busy, her life lacked love. Respected, educated, and a dedicated to her career, she had a spine of steel and generous heart. But she was lonely and that pair of sharp blue eyes was telling her she was missing something.


Two lonely people who weren't even aware they were seeking a soulmate, come together. There's a twist coming that not even he could foresee, as the Founder of Rage, meets his match.

Release date 1st June