Welcome to the Coming Soon page! Below is a list of my books that are to be released soon. 

The Rage of Reading



Book three of Rage MC.

She was everything people avoided. Shy, socially awkward, terrified of her own shadow and far too happy in her own company. 

He was a prospect, not a full brother but he was interested, and in more than one night. Then another brother tells him to lay claim or he will. If a brother lays claim to her it's done and dusted, finished. He was only a prospect. She was skittish, and so damn beautiful it hurts him. How does he lock her down, when a brother also wants her? Will she let him into that place she cherishes and keeps behind walls?

Then fate blows everything wide open and suddenly he has a past he didn't know about. Would the woman he loves, stay by his side or will it finally be too much for her? Has he bound her tight enough to him or will she leave and find love elsewhere?

Courtenay House



Book two of Love Beyond Death

Lines were drawn on both sides, war has been declared, and now it was winner takes all. Courtenay House, set in the rolling Derbyshire countryside has just become a war zone.

Henrietta Courtenay has waited three hundred years to see her beloved St John Courtenay, Viscount Ravenell again. When he returns he knows nothing of his beautiful wife and is rather exasperated to find her haunting his family home. What began in Oakwood Manor deepens further as Henrietta seeks out ways to frustrate, humiliate and torture her former, forgetful husband. Everyone appears afraid of St John Courtenay, not Henrietta, it was time he learnt his place, by her side!

Everyone who was anyone knew St John Courtenay hated his father and lived to get his hands on the family home. St John has his chance and is disturbed to find the rumours of the ghost, he dismissed as stories, are true. Even worse, Henrietta is as wicked and spoilt as he was told. Now he has his hands full of a ghost who thinks nothing of sticking his clothes in cement and showing them for all and sundry to see. Including his boxers! Henrietta ups the ante each time leaving St John threatening exorcism and anything else he can think of to rid himself of Henrietta!

Courtenay House is about to see history made, St JOhn is about to find ghosts are real, and will Henrietta get her happy ending?

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