Welcome to the Coming Soon page! Below is a list of my books that are to be released in 2021! 

The Sweetness of Rage.

Book Eight of Rage MC.

There comes a time when just existing doesn’t work anymore. When you understand just how bad your family is, but when you walk into a situation manipulated by them, words fail you. She understands that too well. Her family took everything that mattered, all in the name of money. Leaving her home country, she flees to the country that over the years had become her real home.


She doesn’t speak, she’s shy, timid, but he senses she’s hiding something. And he loves nothing more than a challenge. But this girl isn’t going to give her trust to just anyone, and he recognises that. A brother steps out of his comfort zone to claim the woman he wants. Because she’s it, the dream, in one cute sexy package.


Not understanding how a brother works, she’s bewildered and ready to run. Except those gorgeous eyes beg her to trust him. Trust is hard to come by in the world she occupied, but when the world comes crashing down, he’s the one standing beside her.


Book One Washingtons.


He grew up white trash, so poor that even his peers looked down on him. With no parent to guide him, he went the only route he could. He lost his sister and brother and claimed a new brother, only to lose him too. But he kept his last promise and got clean. He finally gave up searching for anything, he didn’t deserve it.

Her life hadn’t been a bed of roses, but it was full of love. A sister barely hanging on and debts mounting around them. She wandered into a strip club looking for a job and found a damaged soul. Unafraid, she challenged his ideas of himself, and he cherished her.

When someone threatens to tear his world down, the world that cost him a cherished brother, James takes a stand. He won’t let revenge take his woman, not now he’s found her.

Release date 1st Dec
Release date 1st Dec