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Welcome to the Coming Soon page! Below is a list of my books that are to be released in 2022! 

The Black Cat.

Book two of Love Beyond Death - The Inns

Benedict Norton left home with his family one night, never to see them again. That night, he gave his freedom and life to imprison an evil so great it could not be allowed to roam free. With only his beloved inn for company, Benedict mourned the life he’d lost but rejoiced in protecting the innocent villages and towns surrounding his inn.

Mariah fell in love with the Black Cat immediately. There was no hesitation. It was meant to be her home. But she didn’t exactly imagine the invisible ghost who enjoys bellowing at her to leave! A firm disbeliever in the paranormal, Mariah’s world is titled when she comes to understand that ghosts exist, so does other stuff she only read about in books.

Two strong souls fight over an inn which is loyal to the Nortons but actually also likes the feisty women now inhabiting it. Nobody is going to win unless they learn to work together. Add in purple dye, a cement mixer, muddy gardens, and matters only worsen!

But events are in motion that cannot be stopped. It is time for everyone to unite to destroy the evil Benedict has guarded so zealously. Should they fail, many will die. But in destroying evil, will someone lose their own life? The Rakehell Six steps up to help someone they thought they’d never reach out to. Maybe it’s time to heal old wounds. Only the Black Cat knows.


Book three of Rage MC - The Prospects.

He was a younger brother and a daredevil until life took a turn neither he nor his brother saw coming. Brought up under an abusive father, they had to take matters into their own hands. Turned away by the one place they thought would protect them, life took a route neither saw coming. It left them damaged, scarred, and constantly on guard.

She’d put up with his abuse long enough. One desperate weekend, she saw her chance and fled with her children. Safe at last, she didn’t expect events to happen as they did. Instead of being cast adrift, she was pulled into a new family that showed her the true meaning of love and loyalty. No longer alone but always alert to danger, she’d learned a harsh lesson from life.

Two wounded souls come together, each seeking their own version of healing. There’re problems, age gaps, children, the past haunting them and a vicious woman out to ruin everything. Rage shows their growth and support when one of their prospects is threatened. But this time, the culprit isn’t dealing with the brothers. The old ladies are on the warpath.

Can a damaged young man and a woman, whose focus is her children, find one another, heal each other and commit to a future? A Rage prospect goes all out to claim his woman.

Hell's Vengeance

Book six of Washingtons.

A woman took his reason for living. Now he has his son back and is out for revenge. Someone would pay for the pain he and his boy had suffered. An easy-going brother shows his dark side as he seeks payback. Except an innocent gets caught in the crossfire. And with blinkered vision, he is far too slow to realise what’s under his very nose.

She was clueless as to what was happening. One minute happily working and the next facing down an irate father determined to defend his child at all costs. She sensed he blamed her for something she hadn’t done, but she wasn’t a dormouse! He could take his attitude and shove it. Nobody spoke to her like that, not since she escaped hell.

His temper was up, and he was cruising for a bruising. Except he might be the one who gets bruised. A past nightmare returns but with two victims in mind. One Hellfire can protect; the second, well, she’s about to shoot a brother straight between the eyes.

Hellfire has never been slow to fire up, but they are slow to simmer down, and boy, can they hold a grudge. Funny enough, so can this woman!

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