Welcome to the Coming Soon page! Below is a list of my books that are to be released soon. 

Love's Rage

Book 5.5 of Rage MC.

Valentine's Day comes to Rage. Except very few of the brothers have any idea on how to celebrate it. 

Gunner's lost as to what to do with Autumn, he's never bothered with Valentine's Day before. Lowrider has left it to the very last minute and is shamed into planning something. Drake's wondering, what do you get the woman who has everything? Axel's making no bones, if Fish won't celebrate the day with Marsha, Axel has plans to, she's his girl after all. Texas is silent, has the big man anything planned, and does Penny have an inkling? And Artemis? Yup, Artemis doesn't do romance so what does Ace plan for his woman? Artemis would shoot him if he bought her flowers and chocolates. Only Jett is smug, the brother's planned and plotted and enlisted Phoe, Jett's sitting pretty. With pregnant old ladies, befuddled brothers, can Valentine's Day be rescued?

A short novella from Rage MC, celebrating one of the most beloved holidays, Valentine's Day, in the way only Rage MC can!

Waverley Hall.


Book three of Love Beyond Death

Nicholas Pembroke, Earl of Mortimer had been the second of the Ravenell Six to die, the third of their group, first Henry Harcourt, then Daniel and finally him. Only like the others, he didn't remember his death and for some reason he doesn't feel dead. If he’s dead shouldn’t he feel like a ghost?  Trapped for three hundred years in a tiny prison he’s freed by Henrietta Courtenay.

Stunned at how things have changed Nicholas realises unlike the others, he’s truly a ghost out of time, unlike Daniel and Henrietta he didn’t get to keep up with modern inventions. Determined to make his own way in the world, find out how he died, learn what happened to Emile and everyone else, Nicholas had his hands full.

Melisandre has a job to do and no ghost, no matter how distracting is going to stop her. He may look mighty fine in those skin-tight breeches and he may also resemble Mr Darcy emerging from the lake with those open shirts but she had to prove herself on this job. And to make matters worse, his Lordship was determined to interfere with her tasks! The threat to turn his home into a bubble gum pink monstrosity wasn’t an empty one!

Nicholas must learn to trust, as well as catch up with modern-day thinking and actions. Melisandre must learn to relax and find the fun in life. But Waverley Hall has many secrets, and it is not going to happily share them, not even with the man it’s meant to protect. Battle came to Oakwood Manor, war to Courtenay House, Waverley Hall is about to see the start of Armageddon.

The Hope of Rage. 

Book 6 of Rage MC

She loved him for nearly twenty years. She made no bones about it, but he rejected her time and time again. She's dragged herself up out of the gutter, built a life, one she loves and constant rejection wears her down. But she's absorbed a lot of Rage and decides enough is enough, if he won't love her someone else will! She finds life can be interesting much to a brother's despair.

He had a child young, younger than he should have been and got hurt along the way. He made his life about the club and his son, it's all he needed until a pair of soft brown eyes, see's something in him he's long buried. But denial for him is a way of life, he daren't let beauty into his life because there's a secret only three know. A secret that could destroy his life, his family, his son and the woman he wants to claim. Then she was attacked and he realises he could have lost her for good. Realisation comes slowly but this Rage brother is ripe for a shake-up. But he's Rage, and digging his heels in comes with the territory. 

A Rage brother is about to have his ugly past made common knowledge, a good woman is going to suffer, a son about to find his Dad isn't what he thought. Can he survive what's heading his way and will he finally be able to let go of the ghost of his past and reach out for the love that's offered?

Corelle Abbey.

Book Four of Love Beyond Death.

Emile Harcourt married her husband Henry for one reason, love. She had plans for a long, happy marriage and lots of children. She was denied this when Henry died after a fall from a horse which Emile swore was murder. But no one listened and then her friends began to die, those she thought of as family. Her murder was expected, she wrote to warn the remaining two and could only hope that they'd recieved her warning. In death she thought she'd find her husband.

Henry Harcourt braved the men of the Rakehell Six, he braved Henrietta Harrington and Lavinia De Lacy, he was marrying the gentle but headstrong Emile come what may. Come what may didn't expect him to be murdered before a year of marriage ended. But Henry found himself wasting away, lingering for the wife he loved above all else. Blast the title, he house, the estates and fortune, he just wanted his wife.

Corelle Abbey has secrets, and secrets can be dug out and examined and explained. But will the evil surrounding Corelle Abbey win or will the Abbey take back what's rightfully hers? Can Emile solve her murder and Henry's, can Henry gain back the wife he adored? A fight is coming to Corelle Abbey, that she's never seen the likes of, as two lovers, try to solve what and who ripped them apart. Emile, this time is determined to win and with her beloved brothers of the heart, and their wives, Emile's coming out fighting!

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