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Completed series

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Book one of Washingtons.

He grew up white trash, so poor that even his peers looked down on him. With no parent to guide him, he went the only route he could. He lost his sister and brother and claimed a new brother, only to lose him too. But he kept his last promise and got clean. He finally gave up searching for anything, he didn’t deserve it.

Her life hadn’t been a bed of roses, but it was full of love. A sister barely hanging on and debts mounting around them. She wandered into a strip club looking for a job and found a damaged soul. Unafraid, she challenged his ideas of himself, and he cherished her.

When someone threatens to tear his world down, the world that cost him a cherished brother, James takes a stand. He won’t let revenge take his woman, not now he’s found her.


Book two of Washingtons.

Life had been difficult, a father who did his best and a mother who did her absolute worse. It was him and his sister against the world. Brought up on vindictive lies, he’s reeling when he finally realises the truth. Especially as he put plans in motion that doesn’t seem to want to stop. How does he admit what he’s done to a man who looks at him as a son?

She was happy, sure life had thrown a few curveballs, but no one could have predicted the mess that had just landed in her lap. Unsure where to turn and considering whether those gorgeous eyes mean what they communicate, but he can’t say, she does what she does best. Jumps into the chaos and makes her own way.

Now he’s torn and handling three threats. One to his surrogate father, one to his woman, and one to his child. Given a chance to save one, who does he pick? Except someone forgot one thing. He was raised by a man who knew no boundaries and who’d walk into the fires of hell to save the ones he loved. Blood is thicker than water, and he’s his father’s son. A reckoning is coming, and it has one name on it. Jaime.


Book three of Washingtons.

 She’d always been desperate to fit in, but her mother decided she was an outcast. If not for her twin brother, life would have been hell. Her mother ruled with roost with an iron fist, but in the background was a doting father who gave her everything he could. When he died, she was lost, adrift without her anchor, and life would have turned out much different if not for her twin.


A normal upbringing created an extraordinary man. He was strong, controlled, respectful, and loving. And he knew how to spot a wounded animal. The first time he laid eyes on her, he recognised her suffering, even though she hid it behind an abrasive front. Attempting to get close to her was like trying to hug a cactus. But a vicious scene in a hospital gives him a chance, and he’s determined to break through her walls.


She’s running from two things now, her mother and him. Both of them want something from her, and she’s not prepared to give it. When all you receive is rejection, it becomes something you expect. But he’s good, very good at worming his way past her arguments. Frank’s daughter is about to discover she’d more of her father in her than she’d ever thought possible. And it’s Frank’s legacy inside her that will get her through this.



Book four of Washingtons.

He was handpicked to take over Frank’s role. The honour was it had been Frank doing the choosing. He hadn’t expected to find a family to love and care for. With all the drama from James, Jaime and Frankie finished; he thought things were finally settling down. Not so, because a ball of fury is heading his way, and he’s unprepared for what she’ll bring with her.


She’s furious and ready to nail his feet to the floor and beat with him a bat. That’s how angry she is. He’s a snake in the grass, a slacker, a man who runs from his responsibilities. Not anymore. She doesn’t care he works for the legendary James Washington or that he has his own reputation. Her entire life had just been uprooted, and it was his fault!


He finds himself reeling as a tiny woman takes him to task and rips him a new one. She’s no-nonsense and blunt to a fault, but he sees the special in her. The loyalty, love and honour she has in spades, and she’s crossed his path, and he does what any Washington man does and claims her. Except she has her own ideas about claiming, and they come at the end of that damnable baseball bat she’s so fond of!

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