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Rage MC -
The Prospects

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Book One of Rage MC - The Prospects.

An abused child sought a home and discovered one in Rage MC. He was accepted, welcomed and finally found his place. He protected the old ladies, embraced Rages’ values and became their perfect prospect. Until the day he saw her. The Rage Princess nobody dared date. The moment he touched her, he knew she was his one. But they were too young, and he hadn’t earned his way. So he bided his time.


No one was strong enough to stand up to her father. The couple of guys she’d introduced him to, soon fled with their tails between their legs, so she gave up and concentrated on her education until him. His eyes made promises he couldn’t keep yet, but they yearned for one another. She watched from afar, no one guessing her true feelings until he brought an injured animal in and declared she was his.


He’d earned his patch, his role and his respect. The day he became a brother was his proudest but not his best. The day he walked her down the aisle would be the best. As a brother, he could now claim the hand of the woman he loved. But nothing was ever going to be easy for him. Against the anger of family, disloyalty, and betrayal, can two souls find their path together, or will he do as he promises? And give his cut up for life.


Book Two of Rage MC - The Prospects.

He’d been sheltered most of his life until university. With his end goal in sight, he was wrongly arrested, and his future was destroyed. Locked up for six months, he was released as an innocent man, but hatred and an urge for revenge burned deep in his gut. People would pay for what they’d done to him.

She was taken from the one place she knew as home because it had become too dangerous for a princess. An oath given to stay away from Rapid City and Rage, finally ended with a tragic death. She knew Rage had changed, but had it moved forward enough? Or did the past still rule them? With powers that many disbelieved, she spied her soulmate and set out to claim him. They didn’t expect the fury or resistance from those they called family. They forgot one thing: she was a founder’s granddaughter and had no intention of toeing the line.

Once adrift after his decision cost him the only family he valued, he finds his way and settles with his woman. Anger burned within him at his unfair treatment again, but he moved on. But the past always bites you if it hasn’t been settled, and some things most definitely hadn’t been resolved. With old foes crawling out of the woodwork, people sniffing around his woman and no club at his back, how will they survive what’s coming?


Book Three of Rage MC - The Prospects.

He was a younger brother and a daredevil until life took a turn neither he nor his brother saw coming. Brought up under an abusive father, they had to take matters into their own hands. Turned away by the one place they thought would protect them, life took a route neither saw coming. It left them damaged, scarred, and constantly on guard.

She’d put up with his abuse long enough. One desperate weekend, she saw her chance and fled with her children. Safe at last, she didn’t expect events to happen as they did. Instead of being cast adrift, she was pulled into a new family that showed her the true meaning of love and loyalty. No longer alone but always alert to danger, she’d learned a harsh lesson from life.

Two wounded souls come together, each seeking their own version of healing. There’re problems, age gaps, children, the past haunting them and a vicious woman out to ruin everything. Rage shows their growth and support when one of their prospects is threatened. But this time, the culprit isn’t dealing with the brothers. The old ladies are on the warpath.

Can a damaged young man and a woman, whose focus is her children, find one another, heal each other and commit to a future? A Rage prospect goes all out to claim his woman.


Book Four of Rage MC - The Prospects.

He was the eldest, the big brother. He was meant to save his younger brother and failed. Lecherous abusers had sunk their claws into him first and then his baby brother. Most would laugh and say hey dude, what are you complaining about. It was sex on tap. No, it wasn’t; it was abuse, and nobody could understand unless you had been in his situation. He was left with a deep mistrust of all women.

Ignored, belittled, ridiculed, her family had been vile. When they were finally brought down, she escaped. Now she was being offered the job of a lifetime, a one-off chance to improve victim’s scars worldwide. They only took the brightest into the programme, and her name was on it. But he also needed her, and she needed him. But their misunderstandings and lack of trust were undermining everything. No matter how hard they tried, they just seemed to tear one another apart.

Can a wounded young man, a prospect, reach past his guilt and his past and cling to what he’s being offered? Can a woman desperately needing approval and validation see what she’s being given? Or will they implode before they even begin? Will both Valens brothers accept true love and happiness, or will one lose everything dear to him?


Book Five of Rage MC - The Prospects.

He’d suffered too much at an early age, and it soured him to anything concerning a relationship. He’d learned his lessons the hard way. Money meant more to women than him, and women always had a scheme. Betrayal and bitterness had ruled his life ever since, and even when his brothers claimed a woman, he couldn’t help but remain suspicious. But in time, he’d found a real family, and he was settled and balanced, so why was the woman living opposite his gran bothering him so much?

Sixteen years of happiness, ten years of hell. Nobody understood lies, betrayal and the fact money spoke better than she did. Everyone she loved hated her or wanted her dead, and she’d done nothing wrong. But she’d paid the price for the last ten years. A lucky friendship gives her a chance to right the wrongs and finally get justice. All she had to do was keep her head down. Easy enough… or maybe not.

She stood up for his family and gained his attention. Together they work to find justice, and just when they think it’s all over, that they can live in beauty, an unwelcome blast from the past returns and their lives are shaken. Everything that was hurt and turned bitter rises inside him. Can he move on, or will he lose his future?

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