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The Legendary Shifters

Do you think you know your monsters? Do you think you know your shifters? What if everything you believe is wrong? Welcome to the truth, where fiction becomes fact.


Book one of The Legendary Shifters.



Mir’ald did his job with pride and dedication until the fateful day known as the Betrayal. No longer the man he was, he now seeks to protect those left. As far as Mir’ald, now known as the infamous Vladimir Dracul or the mythical Dracula, is concerned, he hates humans. So, when a human woman barges into his life, to say she was unwelcome, was an understatement.


Emmaline is well aware of shifters and the monsters they truly are. Her brother and two close friends are ones such as those. But Emmaline also knows that under the monster is someone capable of love. But Vladimir Dracul? Yeah, he wants a kick straight up his backside. If he continues to irritate her, he’ll be renamed Toothless.


Vladimir feels something stir inside him, something that’s lain dormant for thousands of years. And it’s that pesky human who is inciting this emotion. She needs to learn her place and be silent. But she appears more interested in trying to defang him that listening to him. Was there something, after all, to the prophecy of true mates? Would this irritating woman, who showed no fear, be his saviour or destruction? And would his shifter side, his last link to humanity, win over his monster? After all, Vladimir is the owner of Bloodlust.

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