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Candance Lott

This week I interviewed Candance Lott who has just had her first story published in a collection by Goodreads.  Candance speaks about how exciting it was to get her story published.

Hi, Candance! Tell me a little about yourself, don't be shy!

I am a southern girl. My home is Memphis, Tennessee. I mean who hasn’t heard of Elvis Presley, right? I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. I love to sing and write lyrics, poems, short stories and plays.

What got you into writing?

I began writing as a child because I loved watching movies and from there I found inspiration to create my own stories.

What’s the main thing you love and hate about writing?

The main thing I love about writing is the ability to create different worlds that I get to slip in and out of and it’s fun, relaxing and exciting to create these characters. The main thing I hate about writing is when I become stuck or my concentration is broken for any reason.

It's frustrating when your characters develop their own personalities and go in a direction you don't want them too.. mine often do that! Who is the worst villain you’ve ever written, and why?

My villains are still in the works and I can’t say right now because I’ll give it away, but maybe on my next visit here.

Exciting! What is next on your list to write/publish?

I am working on a romance novel, so if you love reading romance novels from author, Jasmine Guillory, then you will LOVE reading my novel.

She's one I am unfamiliar with, I'll have to look her up. Who is your favourite author, and why?

One of my all-time favourite authors is Mary Higgins Clark, who recently passed away. Mrs Clark had the ability to keep me engaged in her books and not lose interest. I mean I was literally on the edge of my seat, waiting for what would happen next. She kept me on my toes!

It's a shame we have lost some good authors this year. I cried when Clive Cussler's death was announced. Who encouraged you the most to write?

My mother has always encouraged me to strive for excellence and I guess it came with the territory because she was a school teacher and my grandmother was also a school teacher.

You had no chance if your mother was a teacher! Are you as avid a reader as a writer?

I am an avid reader. I make it a practice to read something daily, whether it is a short article or a bible scripture. Reading is truly fundamental!

What’s your favourite genre?

First, I have to say I love reading all genres but my absolute favorite is ROMANCE.

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what type? Or can’t you stand background noise when writing?

Here’s the funny thing about that. I am not one of those people that can listen to music as I write. Listening to music will totally break my concentration. If you’re one of those people that can listen to music while you write, my hat goes off to you.

If you could interview any famous author who would it be and why?

Stephen King! I say Stephen King because I love how this man can create these fictional characters and it scares that heck out of me and I still enjoy every minute of it.

Stephen King is popular, quite a few have said they would like to interview him! Tell me a secret that none of your fans know!

I love acting out different character roles and being goofy around family and friends I’m close to.

Tell me what your main character would say about you!

My main character would say I am a true perfectionist, I won’t stop until I think everything is as close to perfect as it can get.

Finally, any words of advice?

Dreams in your mind or heart are NO good, unless you’re brave enough to go after them.

Thank you, Candance, for talking with me today, to keep up to date with Candance please follow her on the following links

Author Email:

Goodreads: 19874134.candace lott

Disclaimer. The opinions and views expressed in the article are the interviewees and may differ from the interviewer/general public. The works and images published here may be subject to the Authors copyright, please do not copy the images or claim them as your own. 

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