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Welcome to my site. As an author, I find it's extremely important to be able to communicate with my fans. On this site, you'll get updates, news and impending dates of new releases. You'll be able to track your favourite series and even get short stories only published on this site! Have a look around my site, you can find a sign-up box for newsletters under contact, a little about me under Bio. The coming soon shows what's up next for me and updates lets you know how I'm doing. Take a look at the interview's I've done as an author on the  Author Interviews Page. If you wish to drop me a line, feel free, I love talking to my fans!

Helping Out Indie Authors.

Not every author is able to find an agent of publisher straight off the bat, for some this is a long-winded process and they just want to get their works out there. This process can be de-moralising and disheartening. As I struggled myself to market my books and promote them as an Indie author I've set up a programme to help Indie authors. The first part is a new page called Help for New Authors.  This gives hints and tips on how to get started. The second part is where I need you, my fans, help. Once a week I will be posting an interview with an Indie Author to help promote them and their works. This will be called the Author of the Week page, I hope you'll support me and read their interviews, even if the genre they write isn't your cup of tea! Thanks in advance!

Thanks Beth


The author of the week is P.G.R Wright. Find her interview under the fan page or click here to go straight to it!

Out  Now The Hunters Rage!

The Hunters Rage


Out now!



Released 1st Feb 2020!  Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Book two of Rage MC.

She was left for dead, discarded, her heart and soul shattered. Her body torn apart and the man of her dreams turned into the man of her nightmares.

He was betrayed by the one woman he loved. His heart turned to stone and he became a machine for the MC. Not even his brothers pierced his heart. 

Then a can of worms is opened, a tattoo seen that can't be unseen, wounds open that never healed and an MC bleeds again. History is about to be re-written, but it's not going to be pretty, it's not going to be nice and it going to be bloody.

Rage of the Phoenix


Out Now!

Released on 8th December 2019.

A woman running from her past finally finds safety and a place to call home. A man who has seen and done things no man should.

Two MC's about to go to war over one woman. 

Just when things are settled, love hits Phoenix without warning. Her past is dark and she's in a good place for her and her children. Drake, a man haunted by the things he had to do to get his beloved club clean, finally thinks he may have found beauty.

Someone's past is going to bite them hard when they aren't looking for it. Before life can be lived the dark must be faced. Who will remain standing when the devil comes looking for them?

Below is a blue box with buttons, those buttons link to bonus scenes just for you my readers! Hope you enjoy them.

Rage of the Phoenix

Really good Book.  Rage of the Phoenix was a great book...I loved Phoenix and Drake together and loved all the kids. The details about the charities, or Trusts, were interesting, and like the author says, it would be a marvellous idea. There was some violence in this book, especially at the very beginning, so please be aware of that. Although this story is about Rage MC, this book seems more of something else...sure it is about 2 MCs coming together, it's a love story, it is a suspense and it is about an unconventional family and the woman that brings them together. I recommend this book for someone who enjoys a good book...

Donnie, Goodreads

The Hunters Rage

Great follow up Book but make sure you read book one first. As the club is torn apart as old secrets are revealed and revenge is part of a plan of a very hurt woman. Looking forward to reading the next book.

Lisa Amazon.


Released 8th December 2019

Released 1st February 2020

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Released 1st April 2020

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