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Welcome to my site. As an author, I find it's extremely important to be able to communicate with my readers. On this site, you'll get updates, news and impending dates of new releases. You'll be able to track your favourite series and even get short stories only published on this site! Have a look around my site, you can find a sign-up box for newsletters under contact, a little about me under Bio. The coming soon shows what's up next for me and updates lets you know how I'm doing. Take a look at the interview's I've done as an author on the  Author Interviews Page. If you wish to drop me a line, feel free, I love talking to my fans!


Exciting news!  Drake Michaelson, from Rage MC, has had his own interview at The Protagonist Speaks! Please check his interview at the bottom of the page!

Thanks Beth

Out now! Get your next Rage MC, book four The Crafting of Rage.

The Crafting of Rage 

Book Four of Rage MC.​

Her life was ripped away from her, all the good she'd known as a child, gone in one tragic night. Her closest kin torn apart. She became a good girl, but she always had a plan. Now fate twisted it so that plan had to be now.

He harboured his own secret sorrow but found his family in an MC. He wasn't looking for anything special because special didn't exist. He'd seen his brothers fall and that was fine, he just didn't need it for himself.

Then one night, a beaten, broken woman tears up Rage's Forecourt and he finds himself looking into eyes he knew he'd kill for. Only, he was a man and man makes mistakes.

Out now! Book 4.5 of Rage MC Rage's Terror.

Rage's Terror

Book 4.5 of Rage MC

Halloween is a holiday Phoenix really knows how to celebrate. The problem is her husband, and Rage MC do not feel the same. Hellfire MC have learnt their lesson in the past, but Drake is in no mood to accept advice. Phoenix appears to be running amok aided by Artemis, Silvie is hiding something, and Marsha is acting strange.


Add to all that? A ghost seems to have invaded Rage, and his beloved wife just kicked Drake out of their house. Halloween is about to visit Rage, the devil about to poke at fears, and Rage MC are about to receive a Halloween that not even Hellfire can protect them from.


Welcome to Rage’s Terror, their fears come to life, and a woman who knows them better than Rage know themselves, gives Rage MC a Halloween they’ll never forget!

Helping Indie Authors.

Not every author is able to find an agent of publisher straight off the bat, for some this is a long-winded process and they just want to get their works out there. This process can be de-moralising and disheartening. As I struggled myself to market my books and promote them, as an Indie author I've set up a programme to help Indie authors. The first part is a new page called Help for New Authors.  This gives hints and tips on how to get started. The second part is where I need you, my fans, help. Once a week I will be posting an interview with an Indie Author to help promote them and their works. This will be called the Author of the Week page, I hope you'll support me and read their interviews, even if the genre they write isn't your cup of tea! Thanks in advance!

 Meet Edgar Ramirez, When I started the Supporting Indie Author project,  Edgar began his own page on his  site. An author himself, Edgar understood what Supporting Indie Authors meant to new and up and coming authors. Edgar interviews Authors to help them too.  So if you're interested please visit his website at  https://www.edgarramirezauthor.com/


Author of the Week is Caroline Ailanthus, Caroline speaks about her two books and what's next for her writing journey. To find out more click here. 

Below is a blue box with buttons, those buttons link to bonus scenes just for you my readers! Hope you enjoy them.

The Crafting of Rage

This was such awesome read. I am girl crushing of Taffeta! She just infantile this book. Such great kickass female. Hope she gets her own book! Thrill ride of a story.


What an emotional rollercoaster and amazing story of how beautiful transformation can be from being weak to a strong individual. How others can see the inner strength and beauty but also how trust and love can easily be broken and lost and how it can be won back.

Emma, Amazon.co.uk

Rage's Heat

What a thrill ride! Short and sweet, filled with tons of sexiness that will melt your heart. This was such awesome read.



The Rage of Reading

Wow, what a book. Just fantastic. Loved Sin and Jett and the secondary characters are fantastic. So looking forward to the 31st August for the next one.

Zdibido, Amazon.co.uk

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August 2020

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