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Welcome to The Official Site of Elizabeth N. Harris

Welcome to my site. As an author, I find it's extremely important to be able to communicate with my readers. On this site, you'll get updates, news and impending dates of new releases. You'll be able to track your favourite series and even get short stories only published on this site! Have a look around my site, you can find a sign-up box for newsletters under contact, a little about me under Bio. The coming soon shows what's up next for me and updates lets you know how I'm doing. Take a look at the interview's I've done as an author on the  Author Interviews Page. If you wish to drop me a line, feel free, I love talking to my fans!

Keep an eye on the events pages, that will show you where in the UK I am, and if we're close, we can meet up! Also watch out for book signings! The events page will let you know which book signings I am attending!

If you want more of your favourite characters, scroll to the bottom and you will find some interviews with Drake and Chance! There's also a couple of short stories too!

Thanks Beth

Coming soon! Bloodlust, Book one of the Legendary Shifters. Pre-order Gauntlet now! Coming on the 31st August!



Book one of The Legendary Shifters.

Did you think you knew your monsters? Did you think you knew your shifters? What if everything you believed was wrong? Welcome to the truth, where fiction became fact.

Mir’ald did his job with pride and dedication until the fateful day known as the Betrayal. No longer the man he was, he now seeks to protect those left. As far as Mir’ald, now known as the infamous Vladimir Dracul or the mythical Dracula, is concerned, he hates humans. So, when a human woman barges into his life, to say she is unwelcome was an understatement.

Emmaline is well aware of shifters and the monsters they truly are. Her brother and two close friends are ones such as those. But Emmaline also knows that under the monster is someone capable of love. But Vladimir Dracul? Yeah, he wants a kick straight up his backside. If he continues to irritate her, he’ll be renamed Toothless.

Vladimir feels something stir inside him, something that’s lain dormant for thousands of years. And it’s that pesky human who is inciting this emotion. She needs to learn her place and be silent. But she appears more interested in trying to defang him than listening to him. Was there something, after all, to the prophecy of true mates? Would this irritating woman, who showed no fear, be his saviour or destruction? And would his shifter side, his last link to humanity, win over his monster? After all, Vladimir is the owner of Bloodlust.



Book five of Rage MC - The Prospects.

He’d suffered too much at an early age, and it soured him to anything concerning a relationship. He’d learned his lessons the hard way. Money meant more to women than him, and women always had a scheme. Betrayal and bitterness had ruled his life ever since, and even when his brothers claimed a woman, he couldn’t help but remain suspicious. But in time, he’d found a real family, and he was settled and balanced, so why was the woman living opposite his gran bothering him so much?

Sixteen years of happiness, ten years of hell. Nobody understood lies, betrayal and the fact money spoke better than she did. Everyone she loved hated her or wanted her dead, and she’d done nothing wrong. But she’d paid the price for the last ten years. A lucky friendship gives her a chance to right the wrongs and finally get justice. All she had to do was keep her head down. Easy enough… or maybe not.

She stood up for his family and gained his attention. Together they work to find justice, and just when they think it’s all over, that they can live in beauty, an unwelcome blast from the past returns and their lives are shaken. Everything that was hurt and turned bitter rises inside him. Can he move on, or will he lose his future?



Book four of Rage MC. The Prospects.

He was the eldest, the big brother. He was meant to save his younger brother and failed. Lecherous abusers had sunk their claws into him first and then his baby brother. Most would laugh and say hey dude, what are you complaining about. It was sex on tap. No, it wasn’t; it was abuse, and nobody could understand unless you had been in his situation. He was left with a deep mistrust of all women.

Ignored, belittled, ridiculed, her family had been vile. When they were finally brought down, she escaped. Now she was being offered the job of a lifetime, a one-off chance to improve victim’s scars worldwide. They only took the brightest into the programme, and her name was on it. But he also needed her, and she needed him. But their misunderstandings and lack of trust were undermining everything. No matter how hard they tried, they just seemed to tear one another apart.

Can a wounded young man, a prospect, reach past his guilt and his past and cling to what he’s being offered? Can a woman desperately needing approval and validation see what she’s being given? Or will they implode before they even begin? Will both Valens brothers accept true love and happiness, or will one lose everything dear to him?

Helping Indie Authors.

Not every author is able to find an agent of publisher straight off the bat, for some this is a long-winded process and they just want to get their works out there. This process can be de-moralising and disheartening. As I struggled myself to market my books and promote them, as an Indie author I've set up a programme to help Indie authors. The first part is a new page called Help for New Authors.  This gives hints and tips on how to get started. The second part is where I need you, my fans, help. Once a week I will be posting an interview with an Indie Author to help promote them and their works. This will be called the Author of the Week page, I hope you'll support me and read their interviews, even if the genre they write isn't your cup of tea! Thanks in advance!


 Meet Edgar Ramirez, When I started the Supporting Indie Author project,  Edgar began his own page on his  site. An author himself, Edgar understood what Supporting Indie Authors meant to new and up and coming authors. Edgar interviews Authors to help them too.  So if you're interested please visit his website at

Below is a box with buttons, those buttons link to bonus scenes just for you my readers! Hope you enjoy them.

The Hope of Rage

Just when I think it’s over she surprises me!! Love this series. Keep them coming PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! On to the next one (Clarissa,

Woohoo Silvie got her man! Boy oh boy this was such a great read among the Rage MC series. So much hurt and torment within Silvie and Apache. Love always finds a way and heals most hurts.


Love's Rage 

This was a great short read with our favorite couples celebrating the day of love. Plenty of drama and excitement! (Pearl

I loved how this booked flowed and showed how they are love and support each other. Along side how well the men truly know and love their wives. Can't wait to read more on this series. (Eleanor Goodreads)

The Protection of Rage

I am so in love with these complicated characters! My heart was breaking through this book. It has wonderful touching love story. But the story of family bonds and friends that become family truly stole the book. Strength and loyalty jus echoed through our this amazing read (Vicci

Chance's Hell. 

I love the Rage MC series and now finally Hellfire MC. CHANCE AND CLIO ARE A PERFECT PAIR. So happy she found her DAD too. Keep going with the other members. Would love to see Bear up next but any of those men would be perfect.

Waverley Hall.

Wow, these keep getting better and better. Nicholas broke my heart, a man out of time, and Melisandre was so brave. Both characters had a chemistry that was unbeatable. I really enjoyed this.

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