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Coming soon! Released on the 1st October, The Horror of Hell and The Rage of Angels!

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The Rage of Angels

Book ten of Rage MC.

Stalked, tormented and tortured, a shut-in yearns for peace and the right to live her life. Her only company is two guard dogs and an elderly neighbour until the worst happens and her friend is attacked. Now she’s alone in the world, her police liaison shot and unavailable, and he’s out there hunting her. He means to finish what he started, but the problem is, she has no idea what he’s after, except he terrifies her. Will the blood covering her hands ever fade?

Finding a woman kneeling over his elderly neighbour with a knife in her delicate hands wasn’t ideal. Especially when the two dogs with her threatened to rip his throat out. Then his brother recognises her, and a Rage brother steps up. She doesn’t want him in her life and refuses to expose him and his MC to a murderous threat. Well, tough. Rage was all about danger and protecting their own. She could refuse his help as much as she wants, but he sets up a protective grid around her.

The darling of Hollywood meets her match in the quiet Rage brother who takes no prisoners. His Prez gives his blessing to a man out to protect a woman who’s an angel. Even better, she’s his angel. And Hell hath no fury than when a Rage’s brother’s woman is threatened. The hunter is about to become the hunted.

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The Horror of Hell


Book 4.5 of Hellfire MC.

Hellfire knows one thing for sure, Halloween comes around, and Phoe goes nuts. She’s done some pretty scary stuff over the years, but she’s planning her biggest this year. And Marissa Hawthorne is working with her. To say Hellfire and Rage are worried, maybe terrified at what the two women will come up with, is an understatement because Phoe knows them inside out.

A tragedy overshadows Phoe’s celebrations. Chance finds himself asking why, whenever Halloween comes around, so does a disaster. In addition, despite resistance, he’s trying to move Hellfire forward, and while his brothers are pouting, Chance knows this is the best for Hellfire.


A man who claimed his woman long ago faces a future without her. Should she die, he will be a broken man, and there will be no healing him. His entire being is centred around their love, and he can’t abide the thought of life without her. They’ve gone to hell and back together; can they survive one last challenge?

Helping Indie Authors.

Not every author is able to find an agent of publisher straight off the bat, for some this is a long-winded process and they just want to get their works out there. This process can be de-moralising and disheartening. As I struggled myself to market my books and promote them, as an Indie author I've set up a programme to help Indie authors. The first part is a new page called Help for New Authors.  This gives hints and tips on how to get started. The second part is where I need you, my fans, help. Once a week I will be posting an interview with an Indie Author to help promote them and their works. This will be called the Author of the Week page, I hope you'll support me and read their interviews, even if the genre they write isn't your cup of tea! Thanks in advance!


 Meet Edgar Ramirez, When I started the Supporting Indie Author project,  Edgar began his own page on his  site. An author himself, Edgar understood what Supporting Indie Authors meant to new and up and coming authors. Edgar interviews Authors to help them too.  So if you're interested please visit his website at  https://www.edgarramirezauthor.com/

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The Hope of Rage

Just when I think it’s over she surprises me!! Love this series. Keep them coming PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! On to the next one (Clarissa, Amazon.com)

Woohoo Silvie got her man! Boy oh boy this was such a great read among the Rage MC series. So much hurt and torment within Silvie and Apache. Love always finds a way and heals most hurts. Amazon.com


Love's Rage 

This was a great short read with our favorite couples celebrating the day of love. Plenty of drama and excitement! (Pearl Amazon.com)

I loved how this booked flowed and showed how they are love and support each other. Along side how well the men truly know and love their wives. Can't wait to read more on this series. (Eleanor Goodreads)

The Protection of Rage

I am so in love with these complicated characters! My heart was breaking through this book. It has wonderful touching love story. But the story of family bonds and friends that become family truly stole the book. Strength and loyalty jus echoed through our this amazing read (Vicci Amazon.com)

Chance's Hell. 

I love the Rage MC series and now finally Hellfire MC. CHANCE AND CLIO ARE A PERFECT PAIR. So happy she found her DAD too. Keep going with the other members. Would love to see Bear up next but any of those men would be perfect.

Waverley Hall.

Wow, these keep getting better and better. Nicholas broke my heart, a man out of time, and Melisandre was so brave. Both characters had a chemistry that was unbeatable. I really enjoyed this.