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Phoenix’s First Ride.


  “You’re gonna to put her on the back of your bike?” Bear asked incredulously as he stood near Chance. Chance glanced at him he straddled the bike and backed it out of its space.


  “Does the woman know!” Shee exclaimed.

  “She will soon.” Chance replied.

  “Chance! Phoe’s no ordinary woman.” Bear drawled. Chance raised his head.

  “Knew that brother when the woman shared a cell with us.” What the hell was wrong with his brothers? Chance looked at those surrounding him.

  “Phoenix has class.” Diesel stressed. Chance leaned forward on his bike. He glared at all of them.

  “What the fuck has got into you? I know the woman has class, I know the woman’s high maintenance, that’s written all over her.”

  “For your first date, you’re putting her on the back of your bike?” Shee stressed. Now Chance got it, he threw his head back and laughed.

  “Not taking her on a date.” The brothers reared back and Bear growled at him and gave him a dark look.

  “She’s not the type of woman you fuck and leave.” He snarled. Chance chuckled.

  “I know she’s not, I’m taking her for tacos, woman’s got a craving for them. She said she needed adult time. I’m giving her adult time.” Chance sighed. Ever since the woman had crashed into their lives a month ago the brothers had been up in arms. She needed a light bulb changing, they rode twenty miles to change it. She needed help with groceries, Shee was taking her in his pickup. She needed a film buddy, well damn if Bear wasn’t watching girlie films with her and laughing about it.

      In the space of a month the entire MC had fallen in love with Phoenix and her children. He’d seen she was special on the night they had all been arrested. He hadn’t realized how special until a State Senator and Congressman along with the Vice President of the United States came to rescue her.

      He thought it would be a flash bang but the next day he’d sought her out at her rented house. She’d been surprised to see him and a few of his brothers but she’d made them welcome. Since then there hadn’t been a day go by when either he or one of his brothers contacted her. Three days after meeting her she’d been in their clubhouse and their lives had entwined ever since.

      A woman like Phoenix, a lady, classy, beautiful, gentle, strong, she became their angel overnight. He’d thought she’d stick with the suits he’d met the day of their arrest. She didn’t. She had the ability to transcend class issues and she’d get down and dirty with him and his brothers. The next night she’d wear a five-thousand-dollar dress to go to a fundraiser.

  “I’m just taking her for a ride. Not a date. She’s way out of my league and yours!” Chance firmly said, pointing fingers at each of his brothers. Bear rubbed his nose with one finger.

  “You keep it in your pants brother, don’t wanna hurt you.” He muttered and finally let Chance kick start his bike and ride out.

      Chance pulled up outside the house Phoenix rented and found her outside. She looked harassed and came flying down the steps to him. She wore black jeans, a black leather jacket he’d bought her and she had on low-heeled boots. She’d tied her hair back in a ponytail and Chance thought he’d never seen a more beautiful sight.

  “How do we do this?” She asked bouncing on her feet. He chuckled; she was excited.

  “Put your foot there and hi woman.” He replied and she looked a little shamefaced. He chucked her under the chin and helped her mount his bike.

  “Hey Chance! I can’t believe I’m doing this!” She squealed in his ear and he winced.

  “Stop squealing. Put on the helmet.”

  “You don’t have one.”

  “Did I ask for an argument woman? Put it on or no go.” Grumbling she shoved the helmet on and then wrapped her arms around his waist. Fuck me, if only he could be the man for her he wanted to be. She pressed her body up against him and he acknowledged he’d have to be dead not to feel anything. Instructing her on how to hold on and to lean into the bends with him, he pulled slowly away from her house.

      He wanted to floor it but knew that it was her first time and he’d have to take it slow. Gradually he felt her body relax and then he opened up his bike. He heard a scream of pure joy and felt the same in his heart.

        An hour later he pulled over outside a taco bar. Phoenix got off her legs a little wobbly. She grinned up at him and Chance couldn’t have stopped himself if he tried. He reached out and dragged her to him. Clasping her close, he dropped a kiss on her head.

  “Love you woman.”

  “Love you too Chance. Not in an in love with you way, but in a friend way, a brother way.” Yeah that was right for him.

  “Let’s get you fed.” He muttered in her hair.

  “Can we ride again later?” She asked her eyes gazing up at him, begging him.

  “Sweetheart how the hell do you think we gonna get back if we don’t ride?” He asked his voice showing disbelief.

  “Oh yeah, duh! Come on drop dead, feed me!” She demanded and dragged him into the taco joint. Chance allowed her to pull him along and grinned. Maybe life was gonna get some beauty, some joy, something worthwhile to fight and live for. He looked down at the woman who was bouncing on her feet again. Yeah life was about to get a fuck load of beauty at last.

© 2019 Elizabeth N. Harris

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