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Lethal Legends MC

Who is Lethal Legends MC? Good question. LLMC was created by Jayne Rushton, with the intention of creating a fantasy motorbike club. Over time Jayne contacted many authors and asked them to take part in the Fantasy League.  21 authors took part including yours truly, and Jayne set the competition to run for a month with the cut off date the 21st June, National Motorcycle Day.  The voting was fierce and many readers voted for nine categories and three fun categories. The Fantasy League was a monumental success with hundreds of votes taking place. 

Jayne was overwhelmed by the positive response and ended up collating hundreds of votes for each category. They varied from President to Enforcers to Favourite old lady. This was such a success Jayne has decided to run it every year and hopes to gain more authors. 

On the wave of this great success, Jayne created a new website, Lethal Legends MC Book Club. Jayne plans to showcase an MC author once a month highlighting their books and works. The LLMC book club will provide chances for members to *ask the author*, promote their books on the groups banners, and many other things to help the author gain new readers. 

The book club will also offer reviews on books, allow other authors to promote their books, open group discussions, and many other things to keep members up to date and having fun! The group and members are allowed to post anything as long as it is MC related! If you're interested, please join the group at,

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